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However, irrespective of the positive outcome of globalization there are various side effects of globalization that have affected multiple segments of the society such as economic, political systems, cultural orientations and the environment. The essay will entirely focus on how globalization resulted in creativity and innovation hence causing adverse effects on the world inhabited by human beings. Competition/innovation/creativity The main reason for chosen the thesis is because it compounds to many negative effects of globalization ranging from competition, the spread of diseases, terrorism and other vices that are unacceptable in the country. The topic carries a wide range of topic in which to draw information from which signifies the entire negative effect of the globalization Price fluctuations have been one of the critical negative effects of globalization due to the increased competition at the international level.

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Globalization has reduced trade barriers that existed in old eras making the international market more competitive than earlier days. Job insecurity is also a critical problem that is associated with globalization especially in the developed world. Globalization has a double-edged sword when it comes to influencing job rate thus might be advantageous to some countries but inconveniencing others. For instance, it provides jobs only to the developing countries where there is the availability of cheaper manufacturing jobs. However, this is not the case in the developed world because high-cost production compelling the companies to look elsewhere to minimize the cost. For example, most of the companies in the developed countries are considering moving to India and China due to lower wages in the manufacturing sector in those nations.

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Some of the schools of thought have come with the argument that corporations are engaging underage children in the works citing globalization as the causing factor. Some of the companies are taking advantage of countries that are known to have limited or no accountability due to the abundance of cheap labor there. This is because most of the corporations can get away with abuse of children rights through bribing of the officials who have resulted in an overall increase in the illegal activities. The globalization has contributed to an increasingly competitive market which means that corporations are doing everything in their power to survive in a fiercely competitive global market (Audretsch, 21). Therefore, some of the companies have realized that tapping the cheap, available labor from children in some of the less concerned countries as the only solution to reducing operation cost as key the only way to maintain their share in the market.

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The worst part of globalization is that it has resulted in even the regulators rendering a blind eye thus unable to regulate emissions of chemicals in the air (Fu, Carlo & Luc, 1211). The increased carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere have been blamed for depletion of the Ozone layer which is causing the greenhouse effect due to emissions of sun layers directly to the surface of the earth. The main political impact of globalization is the increased acts of terrorism in the world claiming the lives of many innocent civilians. The idea behind globalization is that there can be free movement of people from and to all parts of the world a factor that has dramatically affected terrorist groups. Moreover, globalization has relaxed the border transfer which has made more people able to access other countries with ease.

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Some of these junk foods even are known to have adverse effects on people health such as causing obesity, cancer and other lifestyle-related diseases. Moreover, some of these practices are not in line with the religious beliefs and values in some of the host countries. For instance, In India, a lawsuit has been filed against the McDonald who has been accused of the way they prefer serving their beef while in their budgets (Godfray, 815). On the same cultural interference, people are adopting behaviors from other people some of which may not relate well to their cultural identity. Globalization has enabled people to borrow practices of other people and copying them without thinking of their implication from their cultural aspect. As a result of the game, the world has experienced adverse effects such as price fluctuations, increase in oil prices, job insecurity, widening the gap between the rich & poor as proper exploitation of children for labor.

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