Negative effects of technology on toddlers

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The widespread use of technology by children is confirmed by a study which revealed that, 80% of U. S toddlers use technology devices at the age 4 years while on technology ownership, almost all, 97 % of households had a television, 83 % had a tablet, and 77 % owned a smartphone (Rowan, 2013). Parents use technology to keep children occupied as they attend to other duties and children of about 2 years are able to watch cartoons on tablets or play with cell phones. Whereas the advanced technology has over the years offered a lot of benefits and conveniences to humanity and children are regularly entertained with devices like television, tablets, cell phones and computers, studies also show that the technology has adverse effects in their development and quality of life.

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The paper presents the argument that, use of use technology by toddlers lead to delayed development and learning, harm to children’s health, and sleep deprivation How Technology Use by Toddlers Leads to Adverse Effects The use of technology by toddlers delays their development and learning mainly because the devices cause impairment of a child’s brain growth. In addition, technology limits movement a factor associated with delayed development. Movement increases attention and learning ability and so use of technology by children below 12 years is harmful to child development and learning which impacts negatively on their literacy and academic performance. Proper brain growth and movement of kids heavily contributes to good development and learning of children. The development aspect of a child is closely related to their health.

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Hence, a child with good growth and development will also enjoy good health while the opposite causes health complications. Mainly because of obesity, the 21st-century children face the threat of being the first generation many of whom may not outlive their parents. In addition, radiation emission from technology use causes cancer. The World Health Organization categorized cell phones including other wireless devices as category 2B risk implying they are a health hazard due to radiation emission and in this respect, kids are at higher risk as they are more sensitive to many agents because of their young and developing brains and immune systems. The continued use of technology by toddlers is also likely to lead to future loss of hearing and eyesight because of using headphones and earbuds and straining eyes when looking at computers and other device screens.

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