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It is the bedside utilization of the cardiac ultrasound after the functional and hemodynamic changes longitudinally within the system, (Khamkar, et. al. It applies as the applied medical attention that through the usage of the ultrasound machinery and system offer assistance to the patients on their bedside away from having the patient move away from their beds to the room installed with the necessary machines. The application has been used for all generations or ages to help in the matter at stake or the current condition of that personnel. The tertiary neonatal unit provides for the medical dealings with babies or children who are under the care or medical attention after birth before being released or discharged from the hospital. It is possible out of the developed technological advancements that offer handheld gadgets ready to improve forth the health condition of the patient.

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The application of the functional echocardiography in the neonatal intensive care unit applies to offer an important aspect of guiding through the patient in their treatment for the certain conditions. It is the reason for it to be laid by the bedside and thus reducing the provision of the patient walking to another room that might cause certain complications or unnecessary situation for that person. Training medical practitioners in this whole matter help generate an aspect of readiness to handle the advanced technological changes and provision of the ultrasound indications on the general perspective and especially within the neonatal care level. Critical Analysis and Evidence-Based Guidance of treatment: The induction to treatment and its follow up provides for more resonate and articulate the state of being thorough with the initiative.

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The drive towards its recent application has been sprung forward with the provision of a more relevant course. In the past years the role of the echocardiography happens to have changed from its earlier applications emerging with new incentives and provisions. It was used by pediatric cardiologists in performing studies of echocardiography in the neonatal intensive care unit in diagnosing and monitoring congenital heart disease as well as for screening patent ductus arteriosus in the preterm neonates, (Poon, & Keng, 2017). However, the changes are emerging as now the neonatologists are broadened and scaling up on its evaluation of hemodynamic instability in neonates. It is in this front that the development of functional echocardiography has evolved and its provision for the better medical intervention of the neonates is simply an admiration for every practitioner.

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Consolidate additional machinery provides an extension for the care and mandate of the ultrasound effects which will get wired to the ultrasound machine in the whole functional echocardiography provided forth by the medics after the training program. Handling the machines alongside the trained professionals makes the relevance in the system and allows neonatal care unit produce viable treatment approach. There is the simple induction of efficiency on the combined effect of the system on handheld devices as well as professionalized skills by the medics and introduction of a new machine to handle the new entrants. Conclusion & Recommendations The emerging technological advancements within the medical system provide to offer more meaningful development and applications towards meeting the real agenda of medics. The functional echocardiography generally provides to offer an application of guiding the treatment for the neonates within the care unit and help the diagnosis to effect well.

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