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The nuclear energy has been considered to be an efficient form of energy that is environmentally friendly as well as many other advantages. Currently, the nuclear source of energy provides for about 11% of the world’s total electricity generated by different nations, (Pioro, & Duffey, 2015). Its operation of these nuclear plants is found in 30 nations across the globe and continues to be developed by other nations in order to cater for the existing demand for energy. Countries like France, Russia, USA, UK, China, South Korea and several others tend to have high provision of utilizing the nuclear energy to generate electric power. Nuclear power is an essential source of energy due to its intensity and efficiency. The future of the whole universe hangs in the balance due to the dangerous effects of pollution.

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When an energy source pollutes the ecosystem, then its usefulness or effectiveness cannot be regarded as beneficial. The nuclear energy is a non-renewable source of energy that is environmentally friendly and which has been documented to cause no pollution effects either through air pollution or any other form of pollutant for the environment. It has been proved that nuclear energy offers an abundant source of carbon-free energy and which is necessary for the conservation of the environment (Parrish, 2018). The goal of curbing climate-changing emissions has been adopted by major energy corporations as well as the governments trying to regulate these emissions for the benefit of restoring the climate conditions to a friendly state. The 24 hour clock running of the business activities in those industries provided by the availability of power is something that is being sought to ensure that industrial activities do not stop and incorporate it for the better aspect of production in terms of volume and capacity.

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Providing for the nuclear power running 24 hour supply of energy towards the running of the machines and other industrial use serves as a necessity towards which one can be able to clearly utilize under no limitation. Also, nuclear power has the least break downs from their machines as compared to any other kind of power source. Many of these power sources break down from time to time leading to the inconveniences for the industries and companies that relied on them for power supply. Breaking down of machines has resulted to most industries counting losses and which could have been avoided if the power supply was reliable and with minimal breakages. The field of nuclear energy provides for the more innovative state of the operations provided by the current research and development.

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Through these dimensions, there is a potential for nuclear energy to undergo rapid innovation in the future and promote its efficiency as compared to other sources of energy, (Mcglynn, 2016). Technological advancements allows for any changes within the nuclear energy production that will be able to fit alongside the technological shifts and advancements of the future and hence prospecting its advanced state in those times providing for the relevance of its application other than other sources of energy. Availability of Market for Energy for it’s in High Volume Capacity The existence of the ready market for power from the consumers and that is willing to utilize the power generated by the nuclear energy is a vital application towards the development of the source of energy.

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There is probability of market expectation of nuclear power by various nations due to the consideration of its efficiency of providing carbon-free energy in the future (Pioro, & Duffey, 2015). It is a challenge that faces nuclear energy and limits its adoption by many nations even though it has a high probability of being safe with their indulgence of technological developments into the process. Waste Management The dumping of waste materials used in any production process needs to be considered on their effects to the environment. In the nuclear plant production of energy, the waste materials released contain radioactive by-products that are a threat to the environment. It is reported that the radioactive materials for them to fully decompose and decay have to take many years while in storage, (Anderson, 2015).

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