Nurses Experiences in Caring for Burn Patients

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An overview of literature may be stand-alone research or the presentation of a more substantial research paper, determined by the engagement.   With this literature review, will seek to express to potential readers the necessity of having a critical analysis of the experiences nurse undergo when taking care of patients with burns. The study will then guide future experiences to ensure that patients are well treated, and also provide guidelines on best ways to ensure nurses have the right tools to handle patients with burns efficiently. I will provide extensive knowledge on managing patients with burns, by relying on the following three primary concepts for further expansion: · Feelings experienced by nursing teams at burns treatment centers, noting that nurses experience emotional distress and need to develop resilience to continue improving care.

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· Strategies nurses use when handling patients with severe burns. Patients with burns suffer for extended periods of time hence expose the nurses to prolonged occupational stress (Martins et al. Catering for burns is emotionally demanding for nurses because of the seriousness of the injuries. Consider that an individual who is deemed injured by burns to the extent of admission in the hospital has to go through a lot of pain. Minor burns are treated at home and would not present any emotional distress to nurses. Alternatively, in any hospital, the role of the nurse is to support to attain a maximum state of the condition through their capacity to conform to changes in the surrounding. Because they are human beings, they sometimes empathize with their patients.

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The problem is that some turned to unprofessional strategies to help relieve pain among their patients. It is common to hear that a nurse resorted to administering excess dosages of pain relievers to their patients (Bayuo, & Agbenorku, 2017). Such behavior is unprofessional since it is not part of the treatment plan recommended by the doctor, but on the part of the nurse, the action is borne out of understanding and relating to the pain the patient is undergoing. Other scholars have also identified coping strategies used by burn nurses. It is not wrong to guess the reasons for such behaviors, but this behaviors indeed indicate the torrid experiences nursed undergo in managing of patients with burns. The major problem is that with the above strategies in place, patients will not receive the urgent care they deserve.

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The literature on administering excess dosages of painkillers to patients’ best describes the situation that all nurses will endure at one point on duty. They are held up in a dilemma of sticking to guidelines or thinking according to the case to help patients who they share a pain that is almost unbearable. Overview of Literature Concept Three Saydam asserts that the treatment of burns is not always easy and straightforward. The fault cannot be entirely placed on these nurses, rather than on the lack of adequate guidelines on the treatment of burns. Such a predicament exposed the nurses to errors that can lead to the death of their patients. It is time that proper guidelines were created to help nurses treating burns provide care based on evidence because they can sometimes be prone to litigations.

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