Obesity and heart disease Project Proposal

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According to statistics by the American Heart Association (2018) approximately 13 million (16. 9%) children in the U. S between the age of 2 and 19 are obese, around 1 in 3 (31. 8%) children in the U. S between the same age group are obese and lastly, over one-third (approximately 35%) of adults in the U. This increases their risk of suffering from different forms of heart disease (Eckel, 1997). Why the problem persists one: The problem of obesity resulting in higher cases of heart disease continues to persist mainly because of the ignorance of people about the warning against continued fat intakes. The increases in calorie intakes and reduced physical activity despite people being warned against it make the problem of obesity and heart diseases continue to persist. Why the problem persists two: Second, people tend to see some comorbidities at a lesser degree of excess weight which suggests that relative weight may be as important as absolute adiposity.

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The focus on the comorbidities resulting due to obesity is minimal making obesity continue to persist as time goes by (Eckel, 1997). Newly proposed deliverable Deliverable overview: The main aim of this activity is to educate people about the increased rates of cases of obesity and heart diseases among both children and adults. This will be demonstrated through the provision of images comparing children and adults with normal weights with those with high levels of BMI to show the severity of the condition. Significance to the student: This activity will be self-fulfilling as it will help educate more on obesity and heart disease for the current and future generations. It will help people learn why they ought to raise their children learning about healthy eating habits to reduce cases of obesity in the future.

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Target audience. This will enhance the awareness of the problem globally and ensure our future generations are aware of how to solve the problem. Enhancement of global perspective-taking: The activity will mainly provide an opportunity for the general society to take a look at the increasing problem of obesity and help them understand why they ought to change their lifestyle choices. It will greatly help them reflect on whether they are on the right track when it comes to eating healthy foods and if they are being good examples to their children and to the rest of the people in general. References American Heart Association (2018). Obesity Information. , & Ventura, H. O. Obesity and Hypertension, Heart Failure, and Coronary Heart Disease—Risk Factor, Paradox, and Recommendations for Weight Loss.

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