Object Oriented Programming Essay

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A class is then described to as the object, or a concept. An object is a compound of that concept where it is linked up with three types. Which are instant variables, member variables and last but not least the class variables. Therefore, when can say that objects make up a class. in this paper we will try to understand this feature to the programming basis. They are also known as the special tactics which includes the converting operators, destructors and the constructors. In every class there have to be a crossing point which is drawn by the behaviour and the structure of the class where we know that for the structure there is the presence of data and its state whereas on the behaviour we include the implementation of the methods used.

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However, there is a difference between defining and implementing the crossing boarder. There is this interface in programming because the class only affirm to definition and implementation of it. But there are various languages which are used to lending out characteristics that distinguish implementation from the interface. The main work of the access specifies is to differentiate the data and the interface in a specified class. These classes are also linked to each other in a way where they carry some relationships. A class can be derived from combination of other classes, which is known as the has-a relationship. Also they can be obtained from breaking down of the original class thus following the hierarchy this is referred to as the is-a relationship.

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