Of Mice and Men Analysis

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We understand events better through forming images by developing pictures of what a certain activity feels like. Imagery helps the reader to understand and get a clear image of what is going on in a novel. John Steinbeck has well-used imagery especially animal imagery in his novel, Of Mice and Men to majorly explain the details of the characters, Lennie and George, hence helping the reader understand and relate them with the world. He paints the image of Lennie as vulnerable and possessing the ability to destroy in the novel (Roberts). Therefore despite the fact that the novel happens in a certain time and place, the lessons of the novel tend to apply to the larger population due to the use of imagery.

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In fact, Steinbeck chooses this as his heading to show the reader of the vulnerability of men’s life related to that of a mouse. His love to pet soft things is also evident as mice and rabbits can be regarded as soft animals which suffer from a similar fate and destiny. It is also notable that Lennie’s close relationship with George has been described as that of a dog, a terrier to be specific (Hinkle and Steinbeck). It is to be noted that dogs are very loyal to their tenders and at the same time powerful, the relationship between George and Lennie has therefore been described as close to an extent that they are dependent of each other (Roberts).

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