Opioid Crisis in New York

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According to the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services (2017), it estimated that the prescription of opioid costs the country more than $78. 5 billion per year. This has also not been taken easily in the New York State. Despite the measure mentioned above taken by the New York city government the critical issue is to reduce the number of deaths associated with opioid overdose. The government is committed to this. Due to that, NYC has been involved in the distribution of more than 65,000 naloxone kits across the city (National Institute of Drug Abuse, 2018). Through them, they help addicts in harm reduction and other programs which reduces the risk of New Yorkers. The police have also been equipped with naloxone so that they can respond to an overdose case.

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According to the Substance Abuse Prevention and Treat Block Grant (SABG), many people seeking treatment in New York only receive the funding for the support for treatment. Additionally, the government has not come up with a legal framework to address the issue of opioid overdose. There should be a proper set framework that seeks to treat the opioid addiction. There should be some set policy that aims to deter the drug formulation. The should also be some drugs monitoring programs initiated by the government which will in turn address the addiction of opioid to the New Yorkers. The is the Community Health Advocates (CHA) that has an aim of helping the New Yorkers navigate in the complex health care system. They support the public in accessing healthcare at a low-cost fee.

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Other advocacy group includes the Shatterproof which is aimed at ensuring the issue of addiction has ended in New York City. They provide statistics of the number of people that die as a result of an overdose. In seeing some of the issues, all the groups are raising they are genuine and are aimed at ensuring the Newyorkers life are not lost. To do this, I will use the PERI model PERI model This is a public health model that seeks to explain a health situation in a given location. For this case, we have the issue of opioids addiction in New York City. PERI model has four major sections which include; problems, etymology, recommendation, and implementation (Soumya, 2015). Problem The health problem here as had been stated earlier ones the issue of opioid overdoes in New York.

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There have been some people in New York that have been affected with the opioid overdose. When you are addicted to opioids, it means you can’t live without using it for a certain periodtime. The addiction is irresistible makes one crave for opioids out of their control which may intron give the patient harmful consequences such as death. Opioids have been considered to be highly addictive since the activate some center of the brain. Recommendation To ensure there is a reduction in the addiction of opioids drugs I recommend the following; One the state should ensure they empower the consumers. The opioids consumers should be informed of the risks of misusing and abuse of the drug for them to make safe and sound choices.

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For human resources, doctors and educators are required so that they forge forward the campaign of educating the general public on the negative effects of using opioids. They need to be available to ensure the project has been completed as quickly as possible. This would not take a year, but it may take some long period. The long-term sustainability of the program is to ensure there is a reduction in the level of drug usage and the community level of drug-related crimes have reduced. This will intron save the amount of money used by the government in fighting all these factors that are associated with the addition of opioids. Conclusion Having seen the impact opioid addiction has on the society, there is a need for the stakeholders to act before it is too late.

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People need to look at the need and the negative side of opioid addiction. They should not consider it as a drug to make them feel high but as a drug to relieve them from pain. As I have indicated above, these measures will be effective in ensuring there is a total reduction of opioid abuse in New York for the next coming years. Having implemented the above issues and statements, I expect the numbers of people using opioids to reduce and also the number of people addicted to opioid’s been taken care of by the government of the day. Retrieved from https://www. nytimes. com/2018/02/19/nyregion/opioid-overdose-heroin-deaths new-york. html National Institute on Drug Abuse. (2018, March 6). DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES.

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