Performative Acts and Gender Constitution

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Despite America having different immigrants like the African- American and the European- Americans, there was still racial discrimination among them. The rights to better housing, the voting, and immigration rights were only to the European –Americans and not African –Americans. The situation continues to the time when prisons were just for the Africans –Americans who took the blame for every crime. The African –American chose to reside in places where the American natives could not live according to the law. Although many people in the United States continue to practice racism each day very few understand what is a race. The race is an ideology which only came to be right after the existence of particular historical moments like the trans-Atlantic slave trade when the slaves came from Africa. There is no living proof for the race, the reason to this is that according to anthropology a skull can only be distinguished on gender basis male or female but on race which makes the real race just an idea (Fields,2018).

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For example, the American does not view the Europeans as a race because they have different nationalities but regard Africans as race and yet there have different nationalities. It shows that race is a collection of disassociated beliefs. According to Barbara Fields, one cannot impose an ideology like a doctrine since it’s a distillate of experiment. It was not racial discrimination against immigrants but the African-Americans. The young criminals who were white had the opportunity to rehabilitate themselves and be better people in the future, but the African-American did not have that privilege. Racism in the United States goes beyond the African –American not having the right to justice but also in the residential segregation. The modes of separation in the United States is mainly according to discrimination, suburbanization and personal preferences.

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In the slavery period, the immigrants both the Europeans and Africans were inferior and settled in the cheap neighborhoods. The study of Barbara Fields on race being just ideology and no living proof to support it is not clear to Americans who still discriminate the African –Americans. Essay 2: Performative Acts and Gender Constitution There have been many explanations and ideas on feminism. Many authors describe and define it in different ways, some view it as an ideology, while others consider it as historical performance. The idea of being a woman has led to the rise of inequality in the society; this increases the oppression of women and the dominance of men. Being a woman is not a natural thing but something that is cultural and develops under social perspectives. All this are only social perspectives and cultural taboos.

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Being a woman is the role that females get after socializing and is not something that is natural. Feminists should not accept the idea that their gender values as women cannot change. It is a traditional idea that is not natural (Butler, 2018). Social expectations define the characters and behaviors of people. Since this acts are not natural and are just social constructions, feminists have the opportunity to change gender inequality(Butler,2018). Unfairness leads to the female not having a voice in the society; this leads to the harassment of the ladies since the community views them as “women. ” The idea of being a woman increases the rates of oppression. Women in society are considered powerless, and this leads to their male counterparts showing their dominance on them. Gender is a historical thing and is something that feminists can challenge to reduce inequality.

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Therefore they can change. The society’s perspectives on something does not make it right. Hence the community should be against the oppression of women and should understand that all these gender norms are historical and not natural. Performing the act many times develops the identity. It is not a reality hence it can change. Where Did All the White Criminals Go?. Retrieved from https://news. law. fordham. edu/blog/2016/04/11/where-did-all-the-white-criminals-go/.

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