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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), obesity is an excessive accumulation of fat in the body tissues and organs that later impair the normal body health of the victim. WHO gave specific standards that define an obese person using the body mass index which is an index of weight for height applied in obesity classification. It is calculated by diving the weight in kilograms of a person by the squire of height in meters view an overweight adult as that of BMI greater than 25, past 30, the person is termed as obese. For children under 5 years of age, BMI of 2 as overweight and BMI of 3 and above as obese (Ogden et al. Obesity is a public health issue in America since the number of obese both children and adult is on the rise.

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3% (CDC, 2013). The data is a real proof that obesity is a public health issue in the US. On the other hand, obesity among the children is highlighted by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention to be at 20% for age ranging from 6 to 19 years, and in this case, for every five children, 1 is obese (CDC, 2013). Obesity affects children at a higher rate just as the adult showing that it is a real health challenge. According to Cheung, Cunningham, Narayan, & Kramer (2016), the United States has observed a higher obesity prevalence particularly in young children aged 6–11 years from 1963 to 2000. Most of these industries major their products on fast or processed junk foods with the main aim of increasing their sales rather than considering the quality of the products as well as the health of their consumers.

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Some of the industries have even gained access to the school food programs in the United States providing these foods that encourage the consumption of unhealthy foods to the children hence to need for proper food management programs and early obesity management. In this regard, the studies that have been so far conducted indicate that childhood obesity is the subsequent obesity in adulthood that therefore requires proper management before its onset (Cheung, Cunningham, Narayan, & Kramer, 2016). Living sedentary lifestyles has formed the American cultures of all ages contributing to the increase of obesity in the nation. Following the emergence of new technologies that may include but not limited to television sets, computers, and other electronic devices most people have resorted to staying at their homes watching their favourite television programs, surfing the internet or enjoying computer games.

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The weight gain concern has become a global issue of concern today with debates covering both positive and negative aspects of advertisement ads on fast foods. Some researchers support the food ads on advertisement as a significant approach to addressing dietary or nutritional problems being noticed in all ages. Even though, this has never been effective and justified by various studies. The already available evidence only shows that weight gain among people is directly linked to the love of high-calorie intake that is falsely advertised for the purposes of promoting the purchasing power and influencing the consumer behaviour (Gilbert-Diamond et al. It is also clear that obesity is associated with a number of diseases that can consequently cause death to people.

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