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Technology raises people's standard of living, caused revolution to everyday life and has made an enormous impact on transport, health, education, science, business sectors and many other fields. Conversely, perhaps might be certain features of technology which have the negative effect on personal lives, though they are negligible against the advantages of technology. An example of the positive and most significant impact of technology on individuals' lives can be seen in the medical sector. The health of its people determines the industrialization of every nation. The discovery of ECG, MRI-scan, CT-scans, x-rays and several others, are the higher attainment of the scientist. Everything that avails itself technologically thus loses its form and unique independence. Furthermore, his focus on technology's uncanny and broad scope occludes or ignores the significance and possibility of political and ethical choice.

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This double problem is highly where he indicated “agriculture is presently the automated food production, in quintessence similar to the corpses' production in the extermination camps and gas chambers, likewise, to the starving of and blockading nations” (Heidegger p. Whereas Heidegger reasons to attend to ordinary experience, concrete, he does not deliberate injustice as well as justice as major phases of this experience. Rather, Heidegger asserts that what is "shocking" is not technology's specific damaging impacts instead "whatever transposes. The most significant discussion in “Being and Time” which is applicable for his later reasoning concerning modern technology is that theoretical events like natural science relies upon the perceptions of space and time which slim the knowledge implicitly in people handle the ordinary world of concern and action (Heidegger p.

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Individuals cannot create meaningful directions and distance or comprehend the chances for actions, from neutral of science, mathematical understanding of time and space. People's ordinary “concernful dealings” and usage of things in the world are ways to the more truthful and more critical thinking of human being than the sciences offer; science compresses the richness of reasonable concern. Hubert Dreyfus uphold that human expertise and intelligence rely on majorly on insensible instincts instead of conscious symbolic influence and that such unconscious abilities cannot be captured in official regulations (Dreyfus p. His assessment was grounded on the visions of contemporary continental philosophers like Heidegger and Merleau-Ponty and was focused at the initial wave of AI study which utilized high-level formal signs to signify reality as well as tried to lessen intelligence to symbol influence.

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As the world supports technology, the manner in which instructions are passed to learners is changing from face to face education to distance/online learning. According to David Blair, creating active interactive learning settings for students’ online significant to their achievement. Technology can defeat or enhance the construction of social learning environments. From Barry Lamb, physical interaction is a better means to attain memories, communicate and learn. It is a point that every critical relationship are advanced via personal interactions, with the most substantial contacts made while there is moment spent together. Conclusively, Heidegger noted that technological objects are ways for ends, and are operated and built by persons. From the perception of Heidegger, technological considerate of ‘being’ is to be observed as the ultimate threat.

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