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On the other hand, philosophy was also essential in creating some of the scientific methods. Besides, philosophy serves to cover the gap where science cannot. This is in terms of areas in which science cannot explain or test for a particular item, them philosophy creates a transition of ideas in metaphysics and the physical. These and many other rules and guideline have been created over the years linking science to philosophy. The history of philosophy is very important in discovering the next development phase for the human race. This refers to the Catholic Church, monarchy, and the privileges that were offered to the nobles. The erosion of ancient regime led to the instituting of ideas that allowed flourishing of concepts of enlightenment such as equality and liberty.

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Although, there is no certain end to enlightenment. The French revolution of the 1790’s ended in the eighteenth century, which gave rise to movements of romanticism (Bristow,). There was a lot of change during the 17th and 18th centuries in European countries and most institutions did not keep up with the vast enlightenment project. Notably, the sense of value varies among individuals as different people value different things for different reasons. There are some individuals who value wealth and fame as it gives them the ability to afford anything they would desire. This for some brings them happiness. However, others feel that happiness cannot be bought as a commodity but achieved through the good choices ones make and the type of upbringing one has had (Westacott).

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