Piedmont Region of South Carolina analysis

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Various health facilities in this region such as “Carolina Surgical Centre, Imaging facility at Baxter Village, Rock Hill Radiation Therapy,” and others ensure that the community receives professional medical care even during emergency situations. This includes programs such as “imaging, rehabilitation, surgical care, women’s health, cancer programs,” and others that medical facilities located in this region support. This study aims to critically evaluate the “Piedmont region in South Carolina” in relation to the type of healthcare services facilities offered, its demographics, social services, factors impacting health care access, and how health care services can improve health care access and to its targeted population. Medical facilities located at “The Piedmont Region of South Carolina,” aims to achieve effective healthcare provision with the help of its specialized doctors and staff.

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A facility such as “Piedmont Medical Centre” dedicates part of its services to cancer care in the Rock Hill community. Patient imaging is also part of services that various community facilities such as the York Imaging Centre provide across the Piedmont region. This includes services such as ultrasound, X-ray, bone density among other imaging services. Facilities such as Piedmont Medical Centre attend o emergency cases 24/7 while ensuring that its professional staff attends patents effectively and at the right time. The emergency medical team offers instant or on-site emergency treatment to reduce further injuries as a result of non-attention. This includes community facilities such as Rock Hill, SC “Level III Trauma Center Emergency” for neurosurgical complications. Examples are “Greenville Rescue Team and Shepherd’s Gate” that offer shelter such as counseling to drug addiction, personal counseling, GED training among other health-related services to individuals of the community.

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Support groups in relation to various health complexities are established in order to help those suffering from various health complication recover fully. This includes support groups such as "stroke support, mended hearts support, breastfeeding support groups" among others. Also, children from low-income backgrounds get free health insurance to boost their health status. Also, there are programs that support the supply of supplemental foods to low-cost pregnant mothers as well as children of young ages to reduce a risk of nutritional complications (Welfare. For instance, the introduction of mobile clinics that involves doctors and nurses visiting patients at their homes in order to involve a large audience who might be in need of medical services, but not able to go for it.

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Teaming up with retail clinics is also another effective way to increase access to health services, especially in remote areas in this region. This is meant to cater for minor health cases and for cases of emergency before visiting a healthcare facility. It is also important at this point to include student-run clinic services in order to take medical care to the region that it is needed. This provides residents with accessible and free medical care, especially for needy populations. Reference Page Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2018. State profile Data for South Carolina. Retrieved from https://www. cdc. gov/ncbddd/disabilityandhealth/impacts/south-carolina. Connecting You With Specialty Doctors and Surgeons. Retrieved from https://www. piedmontmedicalcenter. com/our-services SC Appalachian Council of Governments (SC, ACG), (2018).

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