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This has always made it quite difficult for people to clearly understand the genre of music they are listening to. Some of the most common music genres are pop music and rock music. These are some of the common genres with a lot of similarities that leads to the misconception by the majority of the music lovers. These two genres are different in their sounds, the kinds of people who listen to these songs, and different perceptions of the two genres in the world. This paper, therefore, seeks to compare and contrast the pop and rock music genres in the field of music. Additionally, there is a big difference in the rhythm of the two music genres and this can be clearly seen in the way pop music has always been found to quite soft to listen to, while rock music is quite strong particularly through the bass.

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It is as well important to note the difficulty of listening to rock music because of the very fast and louder rhythms. Despite the two genres applying the same musical instruments in their play, it is the manner in which the musical instruments are played that makes the difference in their themes (Bayer, 2016). Moreover, there are rock songs that one cannot clearly listen to. Other differences between the two music genres lie in the focus of both the two genres. For instance, both pop and rock music bands are composed of a single bassist, guitarist, drummer and more singers in the band. This is clearly evident in some of the most famous music bands such as the pop band of MLTR of the 90s and the rock bands of Golden Earring, the Rolling Stones, and Metallica.

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Additionally, both the two music genres are quite more popular than most music genres in the world. However, there are more lovers of pop music than in rock music (Kirchberger & Russo, 2016). Although we may be favorite to only one of these genres, they always give something to their fans to enjoy. There was a dramatic drop in consumers for the pop music when there was change to the lyrics of the pop music genre that was no longer appealing to the business investors and classy market. Initially, pop music sang about champagne, love affairs, and lyrics that were quite appealing to the investors. There was growing teenager influence in the market in the sense that children became the largest market for music.

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These were people interested in fashion and could go with the peer-pressure into spending much on the new pop artists. Historically, pop music became the source of several moral waves of panic in the society where parents view suggestive and explicit lyrics as the paths to immorality (Hawkins, 2017). Rock music has always been perceived in relation to leather jackets, loud sounds, and electric guitars. Generally, analysis of rock music is based on the use of chords I, IV, V and VI with the minor counterparts as well. Besides, there is the frequent application of deceptive cadences in rock music. It is as well important to note the tonicizing of the VI chords with the intention of creating a minor feel without necessarily having to enter into a minor key.

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