Poverty and hunger in the third world essay

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For Africa, the causes of this poverty are way beyond the resources and the people, so many things ail Africa, and this is what has caused poverty to persist. According to some writers Africa’s state of poverty begun way back during the colonial period (Eliza, 2017). There are many causes of poverty in Africa ranging from poor leadership, corruption, conflicts, international aids, poor education system, poor health and weak economics (Eliza, 2017). Under these causes are other minor ones that come up. Even with poverty becoming a major issue strategy have been developed to alleviate it, as to whether these strategies have worked or not is what we are going to discuss in the work. Two of this causes of poverty stand out as the major ones affecting Liberia as an independent state.

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These are civil wars and corruption. Civil wars It is quite clear that Liberia is not a peaceful country, this is due to the many civil wars being experienced time to time in the country due to government conflicts. These wars cause deaths and destruction of valuable property. This derails the economy due to the infrastructure and commercial areas that are destroyed consequently. Abusing of the public office through bribery, extortion, nepotism, and embezzlement. Leaders in government are acquiring wealth by stealing government money and property entitled to them. Individuals are using illegal means to obtain favor and preferential treatment from the connections they have of seniors in government. Corruption causes the economy of the country to lag behind since the resources available are distributed to the few who are rich making the poor continue in poverty never to rise hence become dependent.

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Dependency brings about an adamant disease of poverty that never ends. Liberia has made significant progress in infrastructure development and security issues. A strategic way of peace and reconciliation was created in an attempt to fill important peacekeeping gaps. The way was to create an understanding between institutions and systems, for national healing and reconciliation and strengthens efforts towards peace. Even with this way being created significant peace and reconciliation is yet to be achieved. Some ethnic communities do not agree with the way. Also, a peaceful environment was advocated to create a conducive area for investors and tourists to enhance the economy. Many other strategies have been implemented by the government of Liberia to help lift the economy and curb poverty.

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