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I prefer the parks also demonstrates a land use pattern which is consistent with the needs of citizens (Chan and Lawal 290). Economic value is one of the major elements that is a point of emphasis in the establishment of public parks. To ensure that environmental conservation is achieved, I prefer parks with qualities to include elements of ecological park design. I have realized that the objectives of park officials is to ensure that social benefits are derived by citizens in the city who go to the public park with an intention of relaxing. I prefer parks with economic benefits to the government are associated with the charges paid at the park gate to subsidize operational costs. I feel that residents have stated that they need parks to have back gates to control traffic and elements of fear.

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Most residents have also demonstrated a preference for parks that have a proper waste management system. I have observed that it is also important to the residents of Hong Kong for law enforcement agencies to send officers to the parks to confront suspected drug users and drug peddlers (Lin et al. I posit that law enforcement is also preferred by residents in dealing with undesirable elements and people with mental problems. Demographic issues such as general health issues and gender issues have affected the decision of residents to go to public parks. I think that one of the major elements of the parks in Hong Kong is the quest for them to establish a system of green cities. I think that public parks are established in a manner that emphasizes on urban environmental quality standards for the people who inhabit these parks.

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As such, the quality of life is a major point of emphasis on sustainability is considered to be a major facet of these public parks (Lin et al. The objective of most of the townships is to create parks that ensure that a healthy environment is established. I also believe that parks are recreational centers that go beyond the concept of a garden city. The economic benefits constitute in high revenue levels that are generated in parks where visitors are required to pay a certain amount of money for maintenance of the park. I also feel that urban parks in Hong Kong have caused some changes in nature in some parts of the city. Environmental conservation agencies have observed that some of the parks have been modified in a manner which has destroyed the natural habitat.

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In establishing public parks, the government has to ensure there is sufficient greenery and sufficient resting areas. I think that the destruction of the ecosystem has been associated with the destruction of indigenous species of trees (Lin et al. Most urban residents have expressed the desire for the rugged topography to be leveled and for the steep slopes to be dealt with. The lack of flatlands has caused a significant challenge in locating packs on even ground. I have noticed that the significant population growth within Hong Kong has also led to the need for public parks that can be used for the purposes of relaxation. Reclamation is a major effort that has been used in Hong Kong to claim back lost land that was previously covered b oceans to use it for recreational purposes.

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However, the preferences for members of the public has changed in recent years as high-rise development in the country has increased. At the same time, residents of Hong Kong also have an expectation for urban parks to be made up of gardens and sitting areas which are located in different neighborhoods to allow children to play and for adults to relax during the day. Children's playgrounds are also part of the professions and the expectations of the residents of Hong Kong. I have observed that in multiple locations, the residents have expressed the need for the continued protection of children's playgrounds as they are important for exercising. Due to their popularity, parks in Hong Kong are used for camping by tourists and by local residents who want to experience nature. Conclusion In my view, Hong Kong residents have an access to several urban parks.

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 Journal of Place Management and Development 9. Lin, Pingying, et al. Effects of urban planning indicators on urban heat island: A case study of pocket parks in high-rise high-density environment.  Landscape and Urban Planning168 (2017): 48-60. Wan, Calvin, and Geoffrey Qiping Shen.

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