Proposal to Ban E Cigarettes

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The young people are the majority users of e-cigarette. The number of young people smoking the electronic cigarette is higher than the adults smoking it. Most of the smokers are high school students and the teenagers in the US. The electronic cigarette in no longer familiar in the US alone, but it is consumed globally. The cigarette was invented in the year 24, by a Chinese company, with an aim of reducing tobacco smoking. The young people who are introduced to smoking have found their way into electronic cigarette smoking easily. The electronic cigarette has been used by many middle school children, who could not have smoked at their age given other alternatives for smoking. A study done by the USA Today, 2017, established that the electronic cigarettes are not any safer than the other smoking alternatives.

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The study stated that the cigarettes have the same effects because they have nicotine, which any other tobacco has. The young people however are increasingly smoking the cigarette, resulting by strong criticism from the public globally. Besides the normal effects from the elements contained in the cigarette, they also have the ability to damage the brain, through a condition called dopamine. The electronic cigarette therefore faces risk from both nicotine and the flavor, making it worse than the traditional cigarettes. The cigarettes also have effects on the non-users and bystanders. Therefore, there is need to implement legislative policies that are effective enough to prevent the use of electronic cigarettes. Solution to the problem The best and most effective solution to the problem of electronic cigarette is prevention through universal research programs (Leventhal, Strong, Kirkpatrick, Unger, & Sussman, 2015).

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It is much easier, through universal research program to predict their patterns. These predicted patterns will help the policy makers to come up with policies of preventing more young people from indulging into electronic cigarette smoking. The feasibility of the proposed solution Prevention through research program is an attainable option because it has a good history of success (Corey & King, 2015). Research implies that the parameters used to formulate the policy are updated and logical. Research relies on the current smoking trends as well as the current factors encouraging the habit among the young people. Research review is also easy to do, and gives reliable results. Therefore, a universal research program to prevent the electronic cigarette smoking among the young people is feasible.

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How universal preventive research program is fair. The research program is fair because it does not have a competing party (Williams, 2017). The research is purely for policy formulation purposes, and this gives it a chance to collect clean data. Also, the results of the survey will be comparable and valid, since this is a characteristic of universal preventive research program (Williams, 2017). Fairness also implies whether a method or procedure is good for the society. As indicated in the sections above, electronic cigarette is a social community problem. Every member of the society is concerned about it. Parents and the local government representatives have all joined efforts in fighting it. Social consequences are responsible for remedies, an aspect or reliability and fairness.

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The social norms and cultures will not be overlooked during the study. This effort will ensure that every participant is given an equally comfortable chance to air out their opinions. Therefore, based on these fairness frameworks that are set in place for the survey, it goes without question that the method is fair and good for delivering results. Variations in the survey might call for approaches that may not be discussed here. Therefore, if parents take up this role properly, they can help prevent the children from indulging into the smoking habits. The survey will also require the parents and the society members to set an example. Most teenagers smoke electronic cigarettes because of the influence from the environment around them.

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The parents can reduce the amount of cigarette they smoke, and this will naturally teach their children what appropriate substance use is. There are misconceptions among the teens that everyone must smoke, or that electronic cigarettes have no harm on their bodies (Corey & King, 2015). In conclusion, this paper has acknowledged that electronic cigarettes are becoming increasingly common among teenagers across the globe. The cigarettes are as harmful as other tobacco substances, and the problem must be fixed. The paper has identified universal prevention research as the best method to solve the problem. The method has been analyzed for fairness, reliability and feasibility. The findings of the research established that the method is reliable, fair and feasible. , Caraballo, R. S. , Corey, C.

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