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Marketing of organizational products has not been an easy task especially with the prevailing technological advancements and increased competition from the companies manufacturing similar products. However, through networking all the above challenges can be brought to an end. This is because networking is one of an effective tool that can be used to market and promote organizational products and services. In addition, it is through networking that persons get to exchange ideas. Combination of all these varying ideas may result to production of a quality products/services. The meetings allowed the members to share their referrals with one another. All this was in an attempt to promote products and services to the new potential customers. Planning and Execution Planning is the prerequisite of every activity irrespective of the nature of the activity.

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Before undertaking my networking activities, I had to plan first. In this regard, I made myself aware that I had to devote a certain amount of time and money to be used during networking. However, the majority of the people accepted my sample product and some even gave me their contacts so as to follow up with them which I considered it a major achievement. However, the failures encountered during networking ended up being a motivation to me. It dawned on me that there are even better and appealing methods that can be used to demonstrate and promote a new product. In addition, I noticed that good communication skills and confidence were essential in product promotion irrespective of whether it is new to the market or not.

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