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These factors, therefore, cause lower the life expectancy of individuals in the racially profiled communities. In most cases, racism festers at family, community and state levels. Therefore, the text will look at how to define and deal with racism at all the above-mentioned levels. How Can We Bring About Change In Society Regarding Race In America The most essential step in ridding America of racism is the reduction of financial barriers to education and particularly, university and colleges. What’s more, colleges are also expected to be flexible enough to accommodate the economic background of students and their racial dispensation. How can racism be eradicated at the family level, community level, and state level? Family level racism The first and only way to completely eradicate racism is education even at the most basic level and that is the individual and their family.

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It is because it promotes racial healing in a community. From one to appropriately deal with racism, they need to understand the different types of racism, their effects, and how collectively racism is connected to the community. The purpose of education in racism is to make individual understand the state, community racism and how its evolution has allowed for its acceptance in our daily lives. Therefore, there is need to understand how racism has become internalized and the history of oppression in the specific community. This means everyone should think in a more inclusive manner to include and treat all members of the said community in a similar manner regardless of their skin color. This is because racial profiling in the United States still festers in certain if not all communities.

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Secondly, the racially privileged members of the community also need to understand to what extent and why they are racially advantaged and the effects it has on other races in that same community. For instance, community leaders can organize speaking forums inclusive of all the race representatives in that community. In this dialogue-based forum, the individuals from all communities can see the role they play in the culture of racism. State racism involves the laws and policies set in order to further enable racism in even the smallest levels of the government. This is because if racism is a part of the law governing a country then it affects everyone directly, or indirectly. A system of government that fosters racially inclined policies also predisposes its users (the citizens) to stereotypical behavior that in some way legalizing racial profiling.

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By this virtue, racial equality is therefore not paramount and not evens a consideration, because the laws and policies have normalized it in their systems of governance. There are various ways of dealing with racial profiling at the governmental level/ however; holding institutions accountable may prove to be the most effective because the method will require all racially inclined laws and policies be explained. This is because, although maybe not often noted, racism affects the health and livelihood of many racially profiled communities and individuals. (García and Sharif) It is important to note people of all races that have lost their lives due to racial profiling. It is consistently becoming an issue in this new era and therefore everyone needs to wake him or herself to this fact.

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