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Racial oppression has been one of the critical issues that have been affected developed countries around the globe or even in some African countries such as South Africa. Racial oppression in South Africa was introduced by the colonial masters who were in charge of South Africa. The British who were allocated South Africa as a colony during the scramble of resources in Africa introduced racial discrimination. The whites were seen as supreme and were termed as superior to the black people. In the United States of America, racial discrimination has amounted to the loss of life. Core Challenges Faced by African Americans Mistreatment by police and other authorities African Americans have been having difficult times when dealing with law enforcement officers and other authorities that are in charge of maintaining law and order.

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The notion that most African Americans are gangsters has led to many people dying without a justified course. The police have been in the radar of international communities due to the increase in the number of extrajudicial killings. Most of the victims have been found out to be belonging to one racial group. This has resulted in demonstrations from various activists who stand for equal rights for all as well as harsh resentments in the social media platforms. The victim Mindset Some African Americans usually see themselves as victims as a result of other people's mistakes. This type of mindset has led to limitations regarding what they can do. The power of the mind is limited with such mindsets such that they cannot come up with new ways and methods to help them solve the problems that they face (Issues and Americans, 2018).

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They believe that they have been oppressed for long and someone should take responsibility for it. Having a victim mindset is turning out to be one undoing on the side of the African Americans. More and more Africans were brought to work as laborers who would work for long periods of time without payment of any sort. The slaves who were regarded as servants could be bought or sold to anyone who was interested in buying them. Those that attempted to escape would be beaten by their masters (Reed-Sandoval, 2016). They were allowed to raise families and marry among themselves or even intermarry with Native Americans or with the English settlers. Due to the interactions that were carried out with the settlers, blacks adopted some of the cultures of the white people and embraced assimilation.

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African Americans who were privileged with a chance get an education now understood their rights (Sahoo, 2013). They challenged their people to stand up for their rights and freedom. Marshaled up people and gained support across the various regions. This led to the rise of African leaders who were well known for championing for African rights and freedoms. People began appreciating the importance of everyone enjoying equal rights and freedoms and the contributions they had towards peace and justice to the society today. This affected them on how they were to think in future as their mindset was crafted in a way to believe that they were inferior. Early growth of the children is an essential right for all as well as the promotion of child labor by the whites affected them (Sahoo, 2013).

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Justice and Inequality Inequality was very rampant in the era of slavery. This resulted in the oppression of the black folks. Justice was not a thing that they could enjoy as all systems of justice were controlled and owned by the whites. Common World Views, Values and Beliefs The world today appreciates the fact that we are not all the same. The differences that we have are what makes us all unique and contributes to our rich cultures and heritage. Honesty and fairness in how we treat people are advocated for. This is an effort made towards eradication of racism (Fakhimi Anbaran, 2016). Various organizations have been at the forefront of condemning oppression against a specific group in society. Journal of Social Philosophy, 41(4), pp.

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