Racism in the university of arizona

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Racism in the University of Arizona is more prominent and has proliferated that it affects the many students of color. Discriminations based on racism is so common, and it causes intimidations to some students. Addressing the issue of racism is essential in this university because it affects learning and teaching. Racism occurs in precise forms that include exclusions, verbal abuse, bullying, name-calling, and teasing. Racism can also be presented in indirect ways such as through culturally biased practices, not recognizing the diversities in cultures and also through racist attitudes ( Kobayashi & Audrey 8). Recently, an arts programming director, Candace Feldman in the University of Arizona offered her resignation after she felt that she was being discriminated against because of her color. She claimed that there was a flourishing culture of racism, unfair compensation, and discriminations in AU.

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According to her claims from her letter to the University president, she claimed that the racism that prevails in was university is ingrained in its culture and it is supported by the University administration. She had come into the university with a lot of experience of over a decade. The salary she was offered was much less than what other previous directors were earning. Looking into the atmospheres of the minority groups in AU gives a clear picture of what the notions of the U. S are for those people who are colored. An African-American professor was thrown to the ground by a policeman causing an uproar as to whether the police officer had overstepped his limits (Diversity Without Inclusion, para 11).

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Another incident was when some students proceeded to a black-out football game with all their faces painted black. This demonstrated how blacks are offended and how this affects the community of African-Americans. This has been done through a display of symbols all through the campus that hate is not welcomed within the campus’ environments. Students have produced door buttons and hangers that have graphics on anti-racism coalition. The buttons bear the titles “Racism is not welcome here. ” Counselors have also been hired to provide the resources necessary for trauma for the students on campus. The second action plan against racism is that there is need to have all the students within the campus being educated on the laws of racism in the U.

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The AU should place many efforts in ensuring that the students of color get the needed resources to manage their financial barriers to success. The marketing and admissions of AU should ensure integrity standards are met and that these efforts should have the inputs of students, staff as well as faculty (Action Plan to Combat Racism, para 4). Communicating this action plan to the community around would be a good thing to do and also the leaders in AU be held accountable for these actions. In conclusion, managing this menace of racism that is prevalent in AU will be a massive step towards improving the lives of the colored staff, students and faculty. Racism discriminates people according to their races. edu/action-plan-to-combat-racism/.

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