Reexamining the case for marriage

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Subject Area:Sociology

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The essay outlines reasons to why marriage is less beneficial for women. The reality is that a number of reasons trouble women in a marriage setup and their partners might overlook and become ignorant but is common with certain groups in the world. First women work more each day in the family than their husbands and this makes them feel unhappy in the marriage. Secondly, women sacrifice their leisure time to ensure they attend all duties of the house hardly getting very little time to relax and meditate about their future. Lastly, women sacrifice their career goals because of marriage commitments characterized by rules set by their husbands thus making it hard for them to advance. Diversity and education are doing much in bridging the gap between men and women in family setup even though inequality seems to be dominant in certain societies (Bumpass et al, 12) Work cited Cohen, Philip N.

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