Reflection on Cultural Diversity in Workplace

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This culture has provided a competitive advantage to our organization. For instance, when it comes to group tasks that entail brainstorming, the ethnic diversity of the employees has proved to yield better results. The results are feasible, high quality, and more effective in the management and running of the organization. This is because there is more group attraction and hence, better results are posted as they ideologically reason out independently. However, as much as better results are posted by the group, it’s important to consider the degree or the extent of diversity and the nature of the task that is being handled by the employees at the workplace. The integration of the natives and the aliens in Australia has continually affected the way of lives of the people in Australia.

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These communities have different cultural attributes that makes a newly arrived refugee to be politically aligned to a particular group. The diversity of the Australians makes it easier for any individual to easily be inclined to a particular political movement that he or she feels has his or her interests at heart. Socially, it is difficult to identify the native and the alien Australians. Therefore, individuals always find it easy to associate with each other. For instance, if an employee in a workplace is respected and valued, there is a more likelihood of being engaged and hence, puts forth their best efforts on behalf of the company as they are motivated. Q5. Provide an example that shows your social awareness/cultural competence, and example of how you could improve on it.

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