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Therefore, memoirs act as a source of inspiration to both the educators, children with disabilities as well as their families and extended relations. Some of the most successful people on earth have dealt with adversity in unique ways and were consequently molded to be who they have become out of their perseverance and sheer strive. The book Double Take is a memoir about the life of Kevin Michael Connolly. Kevin is one such success story who had to face challenges with an unwavering will and strong determination. In his journey through life, the book Double Take delves us into the life of Kevin a twenty-three-year-old who has traveled the world and had some of the most amazing experiences that other people his age have not, Despite being born without legs and growing up in the rural setup of Montana he defied all odds to achieve great feats.

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However, despite his sense of guilt and resolve to quit he did not give up. As a result, it is from the photos that he took that the Memoir “Double Take” is scripted from. The purpose of this essay, therefore, is to link as well as relate part of the coursework including readings and lecture materials to Kevin Connolly’s memoir to determine whether the memoir can be used to advance relevant examples to the coursework. Goffman’s “selections from stigma. ” Deducing from Goffman’s stigma work there is a lot of insight into how the physically challenged people are treated by the “normal people. The memoir can be a great addition to providing examples of the topic of stigma. The Kevin Connolly faced stigma due to his disability in many destinations that he visited in his life.

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He kept on receiving stares from people all around and even in some instances some people apologizing for his situation, (Connolly et al. His reaction path, however, helped him rise above and beyond to become an even stronger person. He decided to take pictures of the people that were staring at him which later on became the foundation on which he wrote his memoir. His condition, “Bilateral Amelia” was a natural occurrence that prevented bones from forming into his hop sockets to form the legs, (NPR. org, 2018). Characteristically his memoir can be used as a perfect example to advance the natural biological manifestation of deformity in the sense that ICF advances. Since its adoption in the year 2001 by the world health organization; Kevin Connolly’s memoir is a great extract an example to illustrate the natural impairment process as well as demonstrate the ability or its effect on the individual in terms of adaptation to the environment as well as the functioning of other body parts.

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For his case, Connolly was able to rise above the physical challenge to perform tasks that even the normal people strain to learn and perfect. However, it is clear that he did not like the stereotyping as he felt particularly awful about himself when he found himself at the wrong end of the stare. However, there is a flipside to his experience as a disabled individual. Access to the opportunity to competitively participate in the Olympic Winter X games represents a glimmer of hope for the progress of integration of disabled people to normal life activities and equal treatment for them as well. For this article, however, the memoir would greatly contribute to the insight of the advancement and inclusion of physically challenged people to opportunities that they were previously discriminated against.

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