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However, as the number of people thrown behind bars in the U. S increases daily, the prisoners need a contact that is humane and lawful activities while in prison. The contact and the lawful activities are critical for a nation to be able to curb the constant problems that arise due to the confinement and denial of contact. In the movie mothers of Bedford, it becomes clear that the women population in cells is growing at a speedier rate than expected and mothers of school-age kids represent 80% percent of the women population that is sentenced in the United States (Gorman, 2014). The prisons are very tough paces, and if a mother is given a five to life imprisonment in a maximum-security prison, then a crisis looms.

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However, the grandmother says she is a good person and whatever happened because she is an addict and relapsing is part of an addict’s life. Therefore, this is an example of how women jump from depression to drugs and finally breaking down due to isolationism in prison. Also in the video on Nordic confinement, the Halden maximum that has 252 prison capacity and the most friendly prison in the world presents vital lessons on human contact and lawful activities. The prison facility was built in 2010 under the slogan “of the iron hand in a silk glove,” and its primary focus is getting the prisoners fit to go back to society other than being punishment linked only as the American correction system.

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The prison offers so much freedom from a well-furnished room, complete kitchen to the metallic appliance and even restricted access to the internet until James Conway a retired superintendent for Attica State Prison in Buffalo New York has a hard time to believe that it is in prison. The extremely restrictive prisons generally result in the health of the inmates to weaken both mentally and physically. The weakness may result due to colossal emotions and hyper-depression. The harsh conditions make the inmates begin seeing illusions that are not there in reality. It may put lives in grave danger, and the situation may get out of control and become a mental illness. The sad news, however, is that any illness that begets one inmate is highly contagious and spreads quickly to the next inmate at a rapid rate.

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Other than violating the amendment, extreme restriction on prisoners can create legal challenges like in the case of Coleman-Plata vs. Schwarzenegger where overpopulation was declared unconstitutional because overcrowding caused to health issues to arise. Therefore, the case asked for champions for no overpopulation in prisons (Simon, 2014). Elsewhere there was another suit filed, that came to be known as Madrid versus Gomez that examined the points raised at the Pelican Bay prison by the special housing unit (SHU). The Pelican prison was the most horrible prison, and no inmate wanted to go there. Retrieved from http://solitarywatch. com/2011/02/15/case-closed-on-supermax-abuses/ Gorman, S. (2014, December 3). Webb says the U. S. Constitution. Retrieved from https://constitutioncenter. org/interactive-constitution/amendments/amendment-viii Women Of Bedford – Dedicated to uncovering the incredible stories of the women of our town.

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