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Therefore, due to the high costs of university fees, students have resulted in living in poverty as their money is spent on university tuition fees. The high costs of tuition fees do not discriminate on whether the student is Australian or it is an international student. Despite the multiple measure put in place to try and reduce the load for the students, the tuition fee is still too high to most students. This paper will try to establish and prove that the university tuition fees in Australia due to their high prices are a social problem that faces most students. Literature Review According to Lamont, the university fees in Australia are quite high compared to those of other countries. The cost of their education is very high compared to what they would pay in other countries.

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In a study conducted among Australian low income students, there cost sharing methods that are being used in the country are working well. However, the students feel that the methods and the programs are not working well enough to warrant them a comfortable time in paying for their tuition. They therefore suggested that there be an improvement in the methods of cost sharing. This study is able to establish that the students feel that the university fees they are paying are too high however, the study does not establish what proportions the students feel would be more accommodating for them. This is quite clear as students have to pay a slightly high amount than in the United States according to the table.

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What even makes the situation worse for the students is that they also have to cope with the highest cost of living for university students in the world. Therefore, when combined, this results in there being a very high cost of education in Australia (How Much Does it Cost to Study in Australia? 2018). In this case, if the annual fees were to be slightly reduced, the students would be able to live a more accommodating life than that they live now. This table bases the statistics on the average that the students have to pay in each of the countries to obtain education. This however is not the case as represented below. Country University Fees per year (USO) Cost of Living per year (USO) Cost Total per year (USO) Cost Rank Quality of Education Rank % who rank country in top 3 for Quality of Education Australia $24,081 $18,012 $42,093 1 3 25 Singapore $18,937 $20,292 $39,229 2 6 10 United States $24,914 $11 ,651 $36,564 3 1 51 United Kingdom $21,365 $13,680 $35,045 4 2 38 Hong Kong $13,444 $18,696 $32 ,140 5 7 6 People feel that despite the high costs paid here in Australia the quality of education provided is not that good as well.

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More people would rank other universities better in terms of quality education than they would rank Australia (The Cost Of Undergraduate Education, 2014). For example, despite the tuition fee in United States and United Kingdom being lower, people feel that the quality of education provided there is higher compared to the quality provided in Australia. Therefore, when the cost of education is very high, people expect to receive better quality of education as well. The argument being made in this case is that high cost of tuition in Australia is a social issue that at most times has contributed to other issues. The high costs have resulted in poverty among students among other issues. For students to be able to live comfortably, there is need to reduce the cost of tuition in Australia.

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The high cost of tuition is an issue that has affected the students in general. The government should aim at improving the quality of education as well because despite the high costs of fees, the quality is still low compared to other countries. Various reports and sources as seen in the literature examined have been able to establish that compared to other countries, the university fees for tuition in Australia is high. Some sources and studies have also established that despite there being programs and plans to ensure that the fee is lowered to help accommodate the students of low income, the plans have not been able to work effectively. There is therefore need for further action to ensure that there is further reduction in the fees that students pay.

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