Review on Unsportsmanlike Conduct Exploiting College Athletes

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Therefore this book tries to uncover the historical and present state of the athletics in colleges and universities. The other things that Byers tries to reveal is the corrupted academic standards, legal wars and the high corruption that is connected to the college presidents. He also critiques and mentions the undeniable greed that is affiliated with the head coaches together with their staff. The main concern he has in this book is that, although the athletes are the ones who earn the money, they usually do not get a share of it, instead it goes to the school presidents, head coaches and the colleges. The other problem is that education is not a priority anymore. Under his rule from 1950s to 1980s he helped to strengthen the Association together with enforcing its divisions.

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And it was under Byers rule that the Association came to an agreement on its first ever contract that opened a door to more profitable television contract in the coming years (future) (W. Byers). Sociological Issues and Social Norms In this book, Byers has addressed numerous sociological and social issues. Sociological issues are problems that affect or have a tremendous influence on a number of individuals. Since the expense for the athletics keeps on increasing, most of the college presidents usually see that as an opportunity for increased revenue for the school, and that their reputation is usually linked to the success of the athletics activities. In all these, the presidents seem to care about their reputation and status quo, therefore ignoring the athletes who have greatly contributed to the success.

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This directly affects the college athletes, since well-deserved recognition and reward is usually affected by the college presidents’ greediness and self-interest. Byers criticizes the university and college students of being hypocrites and being two faced. He says that “the presidents intensely talk about reforms whenever they are in public, but behind everything all they want to do is to protect their status quo. How Much Byers’ Book Agrees and Disagrees with My Opinion of the World This book is quite insightful and addresses a lot of issues that are very much taking place in the world. My view of the world is that, it is corrupted and filled with so many opportunists, who wait for a single opportunity to manipulate and exploit the labor force of other people.

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They eat and thrive on what other people who have less power have worked for. By reviewing this book, it’s quite evident that, my views on the world are so much related to all the issues addressed in the book. For example, the issue of how the college presidents have always exploited the labor force of their athletes and their generation of revenue in millions can totally be connected to what is happening in the world. Conclusion The National Collegiate Athletic Association, is connected to so many issues and problems, which hinders the promotion of the talents in young athletics. With so many college presidents interfering with its operations due to their self-interest motives, it fails to accomplish what it was established to do.

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