Role and Value of Religious Faith

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In the study of philosophy, it is critical to ensure that the basis of human reason and visualizing anything based on the context of understanding and reviewing the main concepts of life. Philosophy as a field creates a feeling of knowing and help us scrutinize our minds and psychological overview. Many great philosophers have written some great books trying to explain the many issues touching on human life. One of the significant things published by many philosophies is the issue to do with religion and faith. In this study, I will cover the various philosophical texts explaining the role and value of religious life to man. Living in the direction of the good faith is ensuring that one is striving to authenticity, clarity and be always on the look so that they do not fall to the problem of bad faith.

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Bad faith according to Sartre is what makes the people in the society to live and lead some unwanted and morally wrong lives. Bad faith is what is responsible for the development of negative attitudes that people harbor in their hearts and among themselves. It is what creates hatred either to other human beings in the environment or one’s self. Bad faith is also what makes man lead some morally unacceptable lives which will create some divergent problem in the society. The will to believe is what makes a man want to learn, attribute and develop a mentality for growth. The will to believe is what makes a man accept and live with various components of human life without questioning anything.

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It believes in the power of faith by accepting and without creating any questions that may render one develop a negative attitude to the development of one’s religious overview. Having faith means having and determining the concept of truth without creating any unnecessary questions that might jeopardize one’s faith and believe. In trying to understand faith, James argues that there is an inherent belief that can make one accept and adopt a religious believe. Another principal philosopher who attempted to explain the roles that religion can play in our lives is Kierkegaard. He argued that religion is the foundation of human life. According to him, religion provides the basic answers to many issues that the society is facing today.

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it provides a framework of answering and dealing with the issues that are quite hard to explain to the normal young being and in most cases what is beyond us. Nothing supersedes religion, and Kierkegaard argues explicitly that God is the answer to all issues that face man. He argued that Christianity acted as a shield through which mankind can protect and prevent himself from fear, anxiety and mortality insignificance. Here, he argued that through religion, the man could face life and create meaning to all the happenings that we face in the society. Religion gives man strength and power to face the future and meet all the desired, and he believed that religion could make a man appear as a superman who can conquer all through the power of faith and love for God (Brown 170).

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