Role of Gender and Its Intersection with Race and Class

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Gender-related issues have also become a high point of debate on many people in society. It has created diverse opinions and differences in what people believe, what they hold a true and right and also what they perceive to be the reason for development among the diverse people of different genders. Dealing with gender-related issues requires a clear platform that will help in relinquishing and creating the best system of enabling gender equalities in any society. How Gender Inequalities has Existed over time Gender-related issues are as old as mankind. Various inequalities in gender and other related problems have existed in society for many years now. The cultural beliefs and cultural heritage of various people in society is a chief thing that affects and explain the various gender diversity and inequality issues in the society.

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The culture of many tribes or people across the world has given some diminutive roles and responsibilities to the women. Most communities have set up rules and regulations which binds how each gender should be perceived and also on how diverse genders should be treated to meet the demands and the regulations of the society (Ridgeway et al. Gender and Religion The gender-related issue can also be retarded to the religious overview of the people. Various religions have developed that attempt to explain the changes in what the society should do. Religion has allowed women to be married off early and also without their consent and their best place to be used by their husbands as tools of sex. They raise against this as they must abide by the religious teachings that bind them to be under men in anything that they do and also working to develop themselves is also out of the question.

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The religion demands that women should not have any say n their husbands that want to marry them. On the other hand, the men can marry as many wives as they wish without any objection whatever from the other wives, the women in the Hindu culture are also given the menial jobs. They are the one who do all the menial jobs, and they are confined to the kitchen where they do most of the things there (Sumerau & Cragun 49). Different genders have been given different ways through which they can act or relate with others in various gender-related issues. This religion, however, provides the best jobs to men and all the menial jobs are given the women (Sumerau et al. It is also worth noting that women are as part of the various issues that affect them in the society as far as promoting gender inequalities are concerned.

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Some women in the community have been working and collaborating with some of the religious leaders in making laws and also in promotion of these laws. The prime example of how omen in the society are working for the protection and also the institutionalizing of women in society is based on the church. Several court cases have been launched by some women trying to fight against these draconian religious laws which for many years have changed the way the women think, act and live on the society (Tesai & Demsah 15). Generally, gender identity issues are one of the major problems that affect the well-being and the general appearances of the modern society. It is one of the major topics in the present community that affects how the women trade themselves and also how they are treated in the general society.

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