Role of parents in the life of teenage children

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Moretti and Peled (2004) also assert that at the time when the children are in their young adult stage, they are still trying to discover who they are. This is the time when role models play a very significant role in shaping the ideologies of the young adult. Collins and Steinberg (2006) further explain that in this age of globalization, internationalization is strongly impacting the behaviors of teenage children. The role of parenting at this stage is necessary and significant to avoid a scenario where the child can be misled. Therefore, the study in essences examines how parents play the role of role models in the life of the teenager. Among some of these challenges are racism, incarceration, drug abuse and crimes. In such a society, youth are likely to acquire socially unacceptable behaviors unless they are raised up by parents who use all method possible to guide their children to behave well (Arnett, 2013).

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Furthermore, the parents as role models in such a society are very important to guide children in the right direction. Parents are not only supposed to punish and correct their children, but they are supposed to be counselors to their children (Moretti & Peled, 2004). The participant in this study also confirms this by saying, “My parents have tried to use a more democratic approach in their parenting style even though in many cases, they had the last say. Furthermore, the participant had lived in Los Angeles in his early childhood when his father worked in the department of marketing for one of the big insurance companies in the U. S. Later his father put up his own business in California, and that is when they moved over to California.

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He confirms this when he says, “my father currently own his own consultancy firm. ” This further reveals that the participant was brought up by parents who were well educated. Such unstructured interviews are of benefits because they enable the interviewee to gather more information and also for the participant to display their complex personality. Even so, this interview approach has limits because it takes a lot of time and without being careful, the interviewer and interviewee may go way out of topic. Findings Most of African Americans are living a life that is faced with social and economic challenges. A few of them that succeed to do well in life always have to put extra effort and determination to make it live a decent life.

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This is one of the findings that has been revealed through this interview. In the interview also, the participant has mentioned that frequent correction and guidance from his parents helped him not to go astray. He mentions that “Of course, I was sometimes tempted to engage in party sprees and to try to be tough like my cousins in the ghetto. However, my parent was strict but also supportive. ” The reason for his choices to take an honest path was demotivation form his elder sister. His sister had succeeded under tougher environment than him. In other words, David has made it in life, he has focus and is likely to make a successful and responsible citizen. Therefore, the role of parents n parenting and especially, the role of parents when children are at their teen is very crucial.

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The most vulnerable age for the minority in America is teenage, and so parents should make efforts to serve as good role models. References Arnett, J. J. Adolescent development in interpersonal context. In N. Eisenberg (Vol. Ed. ), W. Adolescent-parent attachment: Bonds that support healthy development. Paediatrics & Child Health, 9(8), 551–555. Peterson G. W. (2005) Family Influences on Adolescent Development. com/2013/07/african-american-numbers. html Appendix C Interviewee: Jayde Hubbard (Pseudonym: Cheyanne) Interviewed by: Date: Time: Location: Interview Template Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed. I’m looking forward to our conversation. I’m just going to ask you a couple of questions and you don’t have to answer any that you don’t feel comfortable answering. Briefly tell me about yourself and your family? Response: I am the second born in a family of three.

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This kind of relationship is what has made me look up to them as role models. I can share with them almost anything. When they advise me they also give me the chance to choose my option. How was your teenage experiences? Were you tempted by peer pressure and if so what did you do? Response: In my teenage, I related a lot with my peers but I always shred much with my parents. My teenage was not difficult, but I witnessed difficulties among my family and friend living in the poor neighborhood. Voluntary Nature of the Study/Confidentiality: Your participation in this study is entirely voluntary and you may refuse to answer any questions that make you uncomfortable or that ask sensitive information.

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