Role of the Family School Peer Group and Media on Development

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In the authoritarian style, everything should be under control and, as such, there are no signs of love warmth or compassion. In this case, the children end up developing aggressive behavior, high temper, and quarrelsome tendencies that lead to self-destruction. Nevertheless, it is essential to ensure that children do not face indifference or overindulgence in their stages of development, in a manner that is likely to curtail their upbringing. As the kids grow, they tend to take up the behaviors that they learn from their parents and other immediate family members. Families have a way of shaping an individual’s preferences on different issues and, therefore, are key to the emotional development of their children as responsible citizens. Children face many challenges such as rejection, neglect or rejection as they grow.

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The peer group stage is where the new friendship bond begins. The friendship is usually based on tolerance, cooperation, and trust and as such has a great impetus on a child’s development. There is no explicit limit on the definition of the term peers. Peers can never be avoided in the life of people. Statistics indicate that there is a renewed vigor in television watching. Mass media plays an instrumental role in enhancing socialization in this century. These are elements that make up the society and have a significant impact on the sociological setup. Indeed, they are the foundations of the contemporary society and a cause for analysis in a bid to understand human behavior. Nonetheless, of the four institutions of life, the family stands out because it is a unifying factor and a center of purposeful decision making in any given community.

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In addition, according to Goffman, social interaction is shaped by the place and time in which it occurs and at the same time ensures that the audience is considered. The role played by a person in any given social interaction, and the way the individual behaves defines the actual picture of the overall performance. Social interaction is shaped by the audience, values, beliefs, and norms as envisioned in a given cultural setting. Most people tend to like the notion of being backstage in the sense that they would prefer staying locked at home than being exposed to the public. Being alone enables someone to discover the hidden truth about themselves. Individuals, therefore, need to regulate what others know about them regarding intimacy, breadth, and depth (Hogan 380).

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As much as living a drama life is vital to some people, it is as well important to ensure that the limits to which one exposes their personal life is set to avoid criticisms that could demoralize them. Question 3 Concepts of Role Set, Role Conflict, Role Strain, and Role Exit to Your Daily Life Role set is a terminology which describes the various roles and relationships that one ha as a result of the status in a given society. A good example is when a college student interacts with different people in the course of his studies. The different behaviors he exhibits when dealing with the professors, cleaners, the administration and other students during an academic calendar, depict different roles that that student plays.

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A perfect example is when an individual stops working as a regular employee and engages himself as a fulltime parent, the role changes and so does the lifestyle. Role strain is heightened by the fact that women have joined the active labor force for many organizations. Historically, the functionalists had the view that needs of work and family make it necessary in the allocation of mismatched roles such that one family member becomes a specialist in the management of the instrumental world of work and the other animated needs of a given family, a role that most women have a specialization for. Since time immemorial, men have always been the dominating figures in the places of work whereas women were taught to respect marriage as the only needful thing.

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When women worked out, it was considered somewhat derogatory (Vadhera 31). Explain how each is defined. Primary groups are those small social groups in which the members share personal, close and enduring relationships. The most significant aspect of these groups is the fact that members share a lot in common and as such, they are concerned about the culture and activities of each other. Secondary and primary groups play a significant role in the lives of individuals. Secondary groups are made of temporary and impersonal relationships which are goal oriented. In the group, there are a set of rules that have to be adhered to by all the group members because of the target object in question. Secondary groups can after some time overlap with the primary groups, especially when one engages in a close relationship in a secondary group.

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