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We are keen at developing an elaborate measure of promoting the application of the most inherent measure that will promote the marketing scale of the health care setting. Therefore, in an effort to establish an inherent marketing structure in the nursing home, I was tasked with development of a report on the application of the scent marketing in the health nursing home setting and how the same can be applied in the Colorado Nursing Home. This is the report on how the scent marketing can be applied, its usage and how the same cab be facilitated. Research Findings and Proposed Scent Applications Many organizations today are applying scent marketing. It is one of the concepts that is gaining huge usage and applicability in the modern-day market.

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The other idea that is carried on the use and the application of the scent marketing is to believe to affect more than 75% of our daily emotions. Therefore, the ability to create a management concept that will create a closer attention to the needs of the people is through creating a direct impact on what we think, how we relate to others and also the olfactory gland, which registers smell, and the sensory system that governs emotion and memories is the power behind our sense of smell. Any marketing entity aims to create a connection between the memories and the emotional well-being of the people. Emotions are the guiding power that guides what we think, and the decisions that we make.

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Therefore, with the use of the values and factors that are initiated by the olfactory gland, and which can create an emotional attachment with the people. Memories are a perfect example of managing the emotional attachments of the individuals. Therefore, the application of this methodology will create a more inherent way that will facilitate the growth of the customer experience that is in line with the customer's needs. The application of this methodology in the health care setting such as the Colorado Nursing Home will help create a personalized attachment between the customers, the employees, and the overall stakeholders. The same method can also help in the creation of a well-utilized system that will facilitate the positive transfer of the companies’ needs, mission and its service delivery to the people (Hulten 1).

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The fact that smell is one of the inherent characteristics in the health care setting is a proof that the same will provide an attachment with the customers, the clients and the overall employees in the nursing home. Conclusion Scent marketing is gaining huge momentum in society today. It is one of the strategies that many businesses in society today are considering its age, and it has been proven to yield positive results. The application of this business strategy provides an extensive way of checking and promoting brand development in the business world as well as creating a unique method of maintaining brand development, growth, and applicability. Therefore, with the Scent marketing strategy in the health care setting, we are deemed to get the most successful factor.

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