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Hence, there is need to develop effective and sustainable security policies that will protect the database (Bertino & Sandhu, 2005). Therefore, the article focuses on significant issues that need to be addressed when it comes to creation and development of database security regulations. The crucial security aspects that require considerations are Data encryption, data masking, SQL and query protection, separation of roles and access control as well as compliance with in terms of monitoring and auditing. The evidence of the issues gets noticed through data leaks, SQL injections, sub-standard critical management as well as database disparities. The five areas are crucial, and any company that cares about the massive amount of data in their system must come up with relevant and useful policies that will protect the database from any harm.

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Furthermore, it is essential for companies in their journey of security compliance to carry out the vulnerability patching that can get effected through the use of virtual patching. The move helps in protecting the system until a permanent solution to the problem can get put in place. Additionally, it requires an infusion of both SQL injection and masking of data in the course of ensuring protection gets achieved. Apart from data masking, the systems masking in compliance must be taken seriously and implemented to the fullest. Masking helps when it comes to system upgrades, limiting clients when it comes to data utilization and restricts the entrance to the whole database system when it's not necessary. , Riedl, B. , & Weippl, E. (2007, December). Information security fortification by ontological mapping of the ISO/IEC 27001 standard.

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