Sex Crime and Juvenile Sex Offenders

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4 Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD)- this is a disorder occurring at childhood stage which is characterized by the inability of the individual to remain focused, control their behavior, pay close attention together with excess activity taking place for a period of more than six months. 5 Cognitive Distortions- refers to the acts of minimizing or denying the extent of danger a certain behavior causes thus justifying it and relieving the criminal of the responsibility. 6 Conduct Disorder- it is a both behavioral as well as emotional disorder that affects teenagers and children and is characterized by disruptive behavior that lasts for a long period of time, acts of violence, and lack of the ability to follow regulations. The behaviors depicted include; being aggressive, destructive, and deceitful and violating the law.

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7 Depression- it is a mental health disorder displayed through symptoms such as individual lacking interest in taking part or participating in certain activities that were previously known to be pleasurable to them, moods of depression and reduced self-esteem. 13 Juvenile Waiver- this occurs when a juvenile is able to meet the requirements of the state to receive a trial in an adult criminal court instead of a juvenile court with the recommendation of a judge. The state requirements vary from one state to another. 14 Longitudinal Study- this is an empirical form of investigation that occurs after a sample or a defined study population taking place over a long time period such as years or decades. 15 Meta-analysis- it is a form of a study done through the collection of information from the past which is relevant to the topic under study and analyzing the result obtained to acquire an answer of the research question that is more comprehensive.

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Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) - it is termed as the most commonly used test on personality and exists in numerous versions. 22 Retrospective Study- it is an empirical type of investigation that starts with having a defined population or a sample to assess previously occurring events. 23 Serial Sexual Murderers- persons who have committed the offenses of murder through sexual motivation 24 Sexual Sadism Disorder- it is a disorder involving a person deriving sexual pleasure from causing others pain or humiliating them. 25 Sexually Violent Predator Laws- there are U. S laws which allow indefinite civil commitment for sexual predators after completing their prison sentence if the court considers them to have a likelihood of committing a similar sexual offense. 26 Static Factor- these are the elements that remain the same throughout the life of a person.

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The elements of this approach are cognitive therapy, behaviorism, and a combination of the two elements (Vandiver, Braithwaite & Stafford, 2016). The symptoms that the individual depicts are addressed through a problem-focused and a goal-directed approach to address the deviant sexual behavior of the offender. The rationale for using this treatment approach is the fact that it focuses on the offender's feelings, thoughts, and behavior in addition to the reduction of recidivism likelihood. Describe criminal justice responses to juvenile sex offenders Convicted juvenile offenders of sexual crimes are processed by the justice system at the juvenile level. The juvenile justice system is expected to create a balance between the community’s safety and identification of the individuals with a greater likelihood of re-offending (Vandiver, Braithwaite & Stafford, 2016).

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