Should Americans Be Entitled To Health Care

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Other people disagree with this stance by arguing that healthcare is a right because all men are equal, hence rights such as life or healthcare are not inalienable. My stance is that Americans should be entitled to healthcare because every human is equal yet attaining healthcare may sometimes be inhibited and controlled by factors that cannot be controlled by an individual. Further, the differences that are there among people show that there are clear differences in the financial capabilities that people may have. Additionally, my stance is based on the idea that rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness ought to be championed by the state because this too cannot be fully championed by an individual themselves. This stance shall be explored in three ways.

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According to an article by Bernie Sanders, more than 18,000 people in America die each year from preventable illnesses due to the fact that they cannot get to see a doctor when they should (Sanders). Additionally, Sanders talks about how the health care costs in the United States of America continue to rise to unsustainable degrees. Specifically, he states that an average American spends an average of $7900 each year on health care expenses. Further, he mentions that 2007 witnessed approximately 62% of bankruptcies that resulted from medical problems (Sanders). With these kind of expenses, the average American experiences an unsustainable healthcare which in turn tampers with their inalienable rights. Most importantly, if healthcare is viewed only as an economic activity, the values that represent independence for Americans begin to get lost.

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In a different light, the World health organization holds that every human being has the fundamental right to attain the highest standard of health. It is important to explore this issue through this belief by the W. H. O since the world health organization policies are applicable cross-culturally, rather than applicable to Americans only. This right approach to health by the W. H. O then asserts that all health policies and the health programs be without discrimination of any form, and that they give priority to the people who are furthest behind so that the gap on equity is narrowed down. I support this stance and believe that based on equality, all Americans ought to attain the highest attainable standard of health which should be addressed on the state level; because the state has the power to narrow gaps of equity, whereas individuals cannot.

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Additionally, I believe that states have the power to influence the determinants of health, powers which individuals do not have. Finally, Biology and genetics such as age, family history, and sex affect specific populations. As one looks at these factors, they realize that no one individual can control social factors. The person cannot control policymaking, and they also cannot control health services or biology and genetics. However, an individual can control one’s own behavior. Realizing that one individual can control only one factor out of five-factors shows that an entity bigger than one individual that can control more factors, should then create an environment where all Americans can access and receive great health care. “What makes U. S healthcare so overpriced? Its not what you think.

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