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Moreover, three ethical issues, which include autonomy, human rights, and non-maleficence will be discussed in the paper using the principle of utility. In Hong Kong, euthanasia is illegal. However, some doctors withhold treatment from patients, which is a form of passive euthanasia. Euthanasia violates the principle of utility, which means that it results in the suffering of many people in society. Additionally, it does not result in the greater good of people in society. Moreover, this practice is deemed immoral and should be discouraged. Many people believe that euthanasia is morally wrong and should never be allowed in Hong Kong. Background information Euthanasia refers to medically assisted suicides. In many nations, euthanasia is against the law, and it carries a jail sentence.

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However, doctors are allowed to end the lives of patients painlessly as long as the patient and their family agree to this arrangement [1]. Human life has intrinsic value regardless of a person being young or old [3, pp. The people believe that if one is valued when they are a leading a comfortable and productive, their life should not be ended because they are terminally ill. Individuals who are against euthanasia argue that people exist as conscious beings that should be valued at all times. Hence allowing euthanasia practices means that there is a point in life in which the life of a person will not be valued [3, pp. The practice of euthanasia will undermine society’s respect for life. The same council does not consider the act of withholding life support procedures to patients who are terminally ill as an act of euthanasia [5].

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Therefore, this means that hospitals in Hong Kong practice partial euthanasia. Utilitarianism 3. 1 What is utilitarianism? Utilitarianism is a normative ethical theory which is used to define what is right by determining what is good. The theory shows that an action is only correct if it results in the greater good of many people [9]. The calculation of the amount of happiness takes into consideration several factors which include intensity, duration, propinquity, fecundity, purity, certainty or uncertainty, and extent. The action which brings people much happiness is chosen [9]. Many of the utilitarians say that pleasure and pain can be easily be quantified. What ethical issues are brought about by euthanasia? 5. 1 Autonomy and human rights Autonomy. Euthanasia is a violation of human rights. For example, in cases where medical practitioners choose to withdraw treatment of a patient against their wishes violates the rights and breaks the rules shown in the Hippocratic Oath [8].

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Therefore, if euthanasia were to be accepted in the society, many people would have the lives of their relatives who are terminally ill ended on the grounds that they informed them that they informed that they would end their lives [10]. Therefore, it this practice will violate the rights of terminally ill patients. 2 Non-maleficence The principle of non-maleficence shows that any medical procedures are not supposed to harm the lives of patients [11]. The above factors show that termination of a person’s life cannot make any people happy instead it makes them sad and feel a sense of loss especially if the dead individual was highly valued. Moreover, this practice harms a patients’ autonomy as most of them are coerced into making decisions that result in the end of their lives.

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Therefore, an analysis of intensity, certainty or uncertainty, propinquity, purity, extent, and duration shows that euthanasia causes suffering for most people, which means that the idea of medical assisted suicides is morally wrong as it violates the principle of utility [8]. Weakness 6. 1 Why do people support euthanasia? Many people who support euthanasia show that this practice helps to prevent suffering in patients who are terminally ill [7]. Additionally, some people use euthanasia as an option that they can use to get rid of their wealthy relatives for them to plunder their riches. 0 Conclusion As we have seen from the above discussion, euthanasia is a controversial topic that touches on the issue of human life. Many people believe that this practice is morally wrong because life is sacred.

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