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Some of these diseases include heart attack and liver cirrhosis. Even though secondhand smoking has minimal effects, it still poses threats to the people who are not smokers in an environment where people smoke (Kumar, 2018, p. Some people also have an allergy to the smoke from cigarettes and this might make them uncomfortable. Lack o hygiene in public places Cigarette butts which are being dropped in public anyhow make the environment to be untidy making the public places to be full of litters (Kumar, 2018, p. Even though sometimes there are bins to put these butts but most of the occasions the smokers do not follow them hence a ban in public places will highly reduce the litters in public places. Households are also forced dearly while seeking medication for the diseases associated.

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Similarly, the government may also be exposed to high expenditures of restoring back environmental conditions that is polluted due to pollution from smoking. For example, the government may be forced to fund environmental conservation initiatives and awareness which would be reduced if smoking is prohibited. I therefore oppose in strongest terms any attempt to allow freely public smoking. Work cited Kumar, V. Therefore, I always try as much as possible to keep it a secret to avoid the same. Secondly having forcefully engaged in signing false withdrawals without informing the company, I fear the company may suspend me or completely expel me. In conclusion, Ethics is a fundamental requirement in any workplace. However, considering my situation and the position I am holding, I am completely indifferent of the right way to go.

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Reply Hello, I really understand the pain your and hardship you are going through. Therefore, I would use the following nonverbal skills to enable evaluate their status. To begin with, I would maintain good eye contact with each of the people being observed at a go. This would help me establish the non-verbal connection with the adults. To achieve this I would look directly into the eye of each one of them for two to three seconds before proceeding to the next. If anyone of them can merely do it then it would suggest to me what extent the person is insecure, anxious or guilty. secondly, not it may be assumed that all those who use effective gestures have good leadership.

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In reality, some leaders are naturally humble and soft, therefore they may not express all that. In addition, not all those who can use effective gesture have good qualities. Hence it calls for personal judgment and not general assumptions. Week 5: Discussion 1 Exertion of Power Barack Obama Communicative power Barack Obama is known for his eloquent communication skills and mastery of the speech. Through these platforms, he is able to pass information to millions of people within a click on the keyboard. Beyoncé Perfect vocals Beyoncé is one of the greatest female musicians in the USA right now. She uses her voice, which is loved by many not only in the USA but also in the whole world. She has a unique voice that makes her command huge fans who like her music across the world (Aragonés, et al.

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Most of her fans are females who constantly like her love song recordings. Week 6: Discussion 1 Even though the implementation of a dress code for the staff and faculty at Campvilles University may be opposed, it would enhance easy identification and decency. Being one of the three party committee members supporting a dress code for Campbellsville University I would take the following steps to gain the cooperation of the third party after the initiation of the policy. To begin with, I would identify the right time to tell the third party the importance of introducing the dress code. Having identified time, I would speak my opinion in a professional manner to know whether the third party will welcome the opinion and if not I keep the discussion for another time.

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This would be possible if a joint meeting is held to make the third party understand the reasons for my support. Through the dress code, it will become easy to distinguish between the staff, students and even the visitors coming to the university. A gain address code would ensure uniformity and decency among staff members and even within the faculty. Due to the above reasons it would be important to convince those with different opinions to come to an agreement and support the idea upon initiation. Therefore, the above steps like identifying a common ground is very much important since it helps in the initiation and implementation of the dress code leading to success of the project. Week 7: Discussion 1 Advantages and disadvantages of having male and female supervisors Every living human being has weakness and strengths, supervisors being human beings are not exceptions.

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