Social and Political Issues of Addiction

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The last category involves the drugs which become illicit after the alteration of their licit purposes. These drugs are referred to as psychoactive pharmaceutical drugs. Currently, the research done is mostly concerned with the first category. To a lesser extent, the second category is also covered and the third category is not put into many considerations since its social, as well as economic impact is much different when comparing with the two categories discussed above. In this paper, our main focus will be on the first category. For instance marijuana cost in Colombia its 4. 30$ and its final price in the United States it’s between 60$ to 298$. When considering the marijuana influence on the status of employment and productivity, the current study done by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHS) in the United States.

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It indicated that the drug abuse, including the Marijuana, developed a great impact on the entire professions. Consumption rate was found to be higher in the repair and business workers place about 11%. Of which the 70% which was equivalent to eighty-five billion dollars was the available funds for investment as well as laundering. Jeopardy has occurred frequently in the development of human resource due to illicit drugs addiction. Since the investments that could have been used in education, as well as healthcare, is wasted. One of the major social impacts of Cannabis sativa in the United States of America is the influence on marriages and relationships. According to the statistical studies carried out in the United States clearly shows that the nuclear family is not included as a supreme form of the living pattern.

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Penalties have been keenly observed since if a positive result is obtained, no hiring will take place, and for the ones that already own a job are immediately terminated from the job. According to the article in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, the statistical studies carried out indicates that there is a great relationship between the illegal drugs, for instance, marijuana and accidents in the various workplace. The key administration route of Marijuana in the United States is inhalation. The flowers and leaves of the plant (Cannabis sativa) are consumed by smoking in cigars, water pipes, cigarettes or blunts. Long-term consumption of Marijuana usually affects the brain development, which will eventually lead to mental illness, performance in schools, the rapid increase in road accidents and cancer.

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Instead of using these funds for the payments of the bill, household expenses, and groceries, someone is using them for the recreational drug use. Marijuana (Cannabis sativa) consumption is associated with substantial malicious effects, among the impacts some are identified with a high confidence level. It is possible for marijuana to cause addiction as other drugs do. It can cause intoxication which alters the functions of the cognitive and the impacts always have detrimental effects for instance road carnage. Frequent smoking of marijuana in the stage of adolescence may develop long-lasting alterations in the functioning of the brain that may jeopardize the social achievements, learning as well as other professions. E. (2015, September). Retrieved March 17, 2018, from https://www. ncbi. nlm. d. Retrieved March 19, 2018, from https://www.

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