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According to the New York Times article written by George Yancy (2014), racial discrimination is portrayed in different ways. The first way is that Asians and Black Americans are considered as being bestial and animalistic. This means that they are viewed as people who are wild and brutal like animals. Their skin color is related to monkeys and they are characteristics are compared to those of Lions, Cheetah, and other deadly wild animals. For instance, Asian soldiers took part in the civil war but the Americans took advantage of them just to enjoy the benefits of staying in a new world free from war and fights. This point explains how the whites lack moral values of fairness and equity by denying other races the right to acquire citizenship naturally.

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Based on the scholarly journal written by Joy James (2014), racism is found everywhere in the state and most people fear to protest because of the consequences they are likely to experience. The first point is that white anti-imperialists are often discouraged by the racist government when they attempt to resist with other races. Severe treatment and torture that the anti-imperialists are normally subjected to are what discourages the whites from engaging in protests. This point shows how the racist governments are biased on themselves without considering the efforts of their own citizens. This point is critical because people are criticized based on material things without considering the benefits they can give to the society. The website written about white people for black lives portrays how whites from Los Angeles have decided to share similar values with the blacks in order to end racism.

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The first point is that the whites have decided to join local racial justice groups as a way of taking action to stop racism. They are able to unlearn their own racism in these groups and acquire knowledge on systems contained in the racist government that allows other races to be mistreated. The whites are able to spread information to other white people who are likely to take part in anti-racism protests after obtaining the knowledge. This point is critical because it shows that some white people have stopped being biased and have developed moral values to help them understand what is right and wrong. By taking part in fighting for racial justice, they have experienced what it takes to be a black person and they have stopped judging other races based on their own thinking.

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According to my understanding, not everyone who practices racism likes it or knows more about it but some are doing it because it is mandatory. White children have been born as racists and they grow up knowing that other races are not fully humans and they are related to specific types of wild animals. Some white people practice it knowing that it is wrong but they later join the anti-racist movement in order to stop racism from being prevalent. I disagree with the whites taking advantage of the blacks and using them as protection during wars. They simply don’t care about their well-being or whether they live or die in the battle. They are mainly concerned about their own safety.

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Depriving the colored race of their wealth is not morally right because they have worked for them without complaining about their civil rights. The whites should instead embrace the spirit of hard work and acquire their own wealth. They provide people with a diverse mindset that is necessary for developing different solutions to a particular problem. Understanding diversity from an individual perspective enables individuals to learn about themselves and improve on areas that they might be wrong. Individuals are able to understand their own biases and prejudice and correct where necessary. Individuals are able to evaluate and appreciate themselves and others since they are able to be open-minded when dealing with others. It enables individuals to acquire a better understanding of the human relationship and to create a mutual understanding concerning expectations in the real world.

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