Social media as a connection tool between homes schools and community

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In light of the access to modern technology, social media connects and allow its users to keep track of people, places, and events in an entirely new way. It allows users a chance to stay connected with the entire world even without changing their physical environment by creating a place for friends, families or even co-workers to share a bit of their lives thus satisfying their curious nature. However, online social networking includes more of just Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and can be defined as any form of online use of technology enabling people to collaborate with each other and form virtual communities. Social media, therefore, allows people to send emails and messages, post comments, built web content and participate in live chats.

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This paper will explore how social media has significantly improved communication and connections between home, school, and community. Social media offers students a chance to connect with people outside their classroom and community. Such people may act as mentors like community leaders, and students have clear opportunities to ask any questions concerning their interests. Students can also practice reverse roles by getting exposed to contents and practice at school through deep integration of learning, place, and people. However, Chapman (2018) states that through social media, students can create digital their digital portfolios where they can express themselves freely. “I posted pictures on Instagram to elaborate who I am and my future career interest,” said Angie. Schools connect students with their families and communities, and they should be in the first line to acknowledge the benefits that come with social media.

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Performing tasks in an analog way that can be done through social media is a tedious and a boring task. Random updates of status, photos or short video clips allow users to feel more involved with their friends, families, and community at large and the things happening in their lives without necessarily being there. While some arguments are that communicating online is exposing someone’s privacy, diminishes the need to communicate in person and reduce our potential to interact face to face, social media continue to gain relevance in keeping everyone connected to his or her friends, families and community. References. , & Greenhow, C. Social Network Applications for Education: The Case of College Connect. In Social Networks Science: Design, Implementation, Security, and Challenges (pp.

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