Social Protests and Its Significance in Brazil

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The essay will cover how this protests helped in restoring the normally in Brazil where the poor economic situation was experienced due to the high rate of corruption. Reason for social protest in Brazil Protests in Brazil are all centered to one factor that triggers the other to come into being. Corruption is the major source of these protests. Government expenditure is not logical and citizens do not feel the projects done by the government, basically it spends more of its money on projects that do not benefit all the citizens’ at large (Johnston 140). For instance hosting of the world cup that $29 billion was spent that could run vital projects within the country. The country has poor quality of education being ranked number 39 instead of six among the major countries. Wage income also which is low and the high cost of transport leads to these protests. The low income that can’t sustain the best standard of living and the poor economy that has raged the country are some of the causes that triggers to the social protests that are anticipated to bring change (Johnston 140). Social Protest in relation to social justice and equality The two forms relates in manner that they both call in for collective responsibility. They both gear into one goal that ensuring justice. Preservation of human rights regardless of nation of origin, sexual orientation, mental ability and so many issues that could lead to oppression or violation of human rights. Generally they both aim at improving the state of Brazil as a nation and doing away with corruption (Johnston 140).

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Source of social tension The sources of social tension can be poverty, growth volatility, world cup, corruption. Poverty; this can bring more tension within the community. Poverty is viewed as income drop there are no augmentations in income compared with before. The situation comes when the society has got little which cannot satisfy their needs. Due to social protest, more people can lose their businesses which gives them their daily needs many people have to close their businesses because the protesters can destroy the stocks also others cannot go to work due to fear of the insecurity. This will leads to poverty. The singularity of poverty has become major sources of social unrest (Johnston 140). Growth volatility; this is the other source that brings tension amongst the people in Brazil community. They have to protest until the time their claims should be heard and rectified.

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President replied to this by saying that they have to listen to what the protesters are saying and that the stupid move was taken for not hearing what the protesters were against. During the world cup protest in Brazil, the government ordered the police to prevent the demonstrators from entering the stadium and also prevent them from protesting by enacting low forces on them (Saad-Filho 663). Two sides of the social protest During the protest there are people who supported the Protestants and others were against them, such as the case of corruption within, the government and the people who are beneficiaries doesn’t support protests while those people who are affected by corruption are there to support protests. The issue like bus fare hike, many people support Protestants only those who have shares and have their own private means does not support (Saad-Filho 663).

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many sources have got to be made in development to be successfully examined and know the outcome. Also to predict what the police will do to the protest is another difficult issue. We need to build models of protest rules which will consider the police reactions and also the effects of demonstration what will be the outcome (Saad-Filho 663). The overall building of politics what the government will order the police to either use force or violence and arrest to Protestants, in another way the protesters cannot get their rights which they are looking for they can be turned up by the police forces which can create more destruction and injuries to them and can also cause death. Substantive changes in law and policy addressing the issues of protesters There will be the big solution of the demonstrator’s right.

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Chances of personal activities and social honor, this ensures that individual achieve their social role and receive what was there’s within the society (Saad-Filho 663). Justice has to be given to all individual within the society without judgment or any other evasion. the society protesters also have their rights, and justice should be succeeded, by this the problem solving will be calmer and effectual, and there will be no long-term demonstrations. Reference Johnston, Hank.  Social movements and culture.

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