Social Psychology Perspective in Advertisement

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Customers, on the other hand, look at the advertisements very carefully to capture efficiency and the specifications of the products. However, they are not satisfied until they get feedback from other surrounding people to get the reality about the products. Conversely, businesspeople have significantly uses social psychology to leverage their daily advertisement to meet their daily set goals. There is no doubt that social psychology plays a crucial role in businesses. The psychological techniques are very useful in publication to boost the sales of the products (Moriarty et al. Conversely, it focuses on the processes by which different individuals understand their world at large. Products play a role as symbols in the market. According to Rohall et al. ,) Consumers of different products not only make their choices based on product utilities but also from the symbolic value of the product in question.

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Rohall et al. However, he tries to interact with them and inquire why they are all taking pancakes. It dawns in his mind that the pancakes are so sweet and that the reason every customer is ordering them. He proceeds and purchases his breakfast inclusive of the pancakes so that the group referents can see he shares their symbolic values towards the product. Social structure and personality perspective contribute enormously on the business advertisement. According to Rohall et al. The altitudes of consumers towards a certain product advertisement will determine the sales of the business. Additionally, business people apply different personalities in the publication to attract consumers. For example, the ad on the miracles lotion portrays the effective use of personalities.

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The advertisement is very assertive. It clearly presents the product. A consumer can view an advertisement and find it wise to buy that product if the features of that product are enough to convince him/her to purchase it. A group of students in a learning institution influences each in almost all aspect of life. It is evident that many students consume a variety of product and if one of them decides to purchase a certain product there is a probability that others will follow suit and buy the same product. However, this kind of influence is beneficial to people in business as the large volume of their products to this groups. Publicity of these products tends to increase depending on the impact the product has on the different group.

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