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He admits experiencing sexual, emotional and physical abuse all through childhood. Sadly, James' father died at 37 years due to liver-related complications. James, reports that his first encounter with alcoholic drinks was at the age of 14, with a man whom he had a sexual relation. His parents kicked him out on suspicion that he was gay. James turned to sexual relations with older women and men in exchange for money and drugs. On the other side, the client felt comfortable confiding in me and had a therapeutic alliance. Effective communication skills are essential in the provision of any social work service. Through this skill, I incorporated discussion and held a conversation with the client. Also, I documented therapy sessions with my client and wrote reports for my supervisor.

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Additionally, I made telephone calls to James' mother and sister to arrange for a family reunion. Maintaining the best interest of the client is another social service ethics. In this situation I allowed the client to express himself without persuasion and he admitted that he needed treatment for his drug and alcohol addiction. Having the best interest of the client made James feel comfortable to begin treatment. Application of social work theories Psychosocial theory depicts that the social environment one grows in shapes an individual (Zastrow, 2014). Erikson stipulates that sense of self-awareness develops and evolves throughout one's life as he or she adapts and reacts to the social environment. Lessons learned Active listening indicates genuine care about the client's situation and thus the establishment of respect and trust from the client.

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One will readily discover details pertaining the client and build working solutions. Also, critical thinking is crucial to dealing with unique scenarios that seek for unique solutions. However, being a social worker can be emotionally draining and challenging; thus one requires to possess inner strength to pull through the various situations that you encounter. Part two Case scenario I have a placement at a disability agency. The recent cases of anger against others should be examined to ensure one realizes the reasons and help her leave a better life. Information gathering skills were essential in making informed decisions about the situation (Butler, 2004). I mainly relied on information from the client’s mother who had been caring for her since birth. I had minimal cooperation from the client, who is in her early thirties and develops a negative attitude toward visitors including me and has the limited attention span.

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To encourage a different outcome, I will try using some alternative method to capture her attention. The theory is anchored on aspects of trust and inferiority versus industry. The approach brings about the qualities of competency, self-worth and works ethics which are combined to develop a basis for love and care. The theory is essential during a time of social crises like in the above scenario which reflects on the manner in which individuals see themselves and the manner they react to the people and world and the skills used to do it. Lesson learned Strong communication skills are crucial to handling any case scenario of social work. For instance, the client in this situation was easily distracted and would only be attentive for a short span of time.

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