Social Work Practice

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“Therapeutic", in Greek was used to define a healer, and this described both the human form and divine, so in terms of therapeutic transformation there is no apparent restriction of thinking about social work as some psychotherapy, but instead in the social work world the scope is way more significant, and from the description the wish lies on emphasizing on a spiritual orientation, and this is in the helping process in all types of social work practice. Transformation as a term is typically used in explaining the rapid change of condition, and this is inclusive of sudden leaps through the pits and the peak experiences. In explaining the spiritual diversity in the social work practice there is the aspect of doing ritual and ceremony, and on this basis ceremony is used to define both the celebrations and the confirmations of existing situations and conditions, routine, on the other hand, is described as the procedures that bring about significant change of the current circumstances and conditions, there is also the component of designing a ritual or a ceremony which is said to be emotionally moving and enjoyable.

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