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Conflict Theory Conflict theory indicates that conflicts and tensions usually are due to status, power, and resources. The fact that capital is not evenly distributed in the society elicits these tensions. These tensions becomes the engines of social change in this context power is as a result of control of the material resources coupled with the accumulated wealth. Power still is gotten from the context of control of politics and the institutions which makes up the institutions of the society. Conflict theory has many variants that are used by many sociologists in studying much range of societal problems (Giroux, 2018). It assists in identifying the individuals that can make these changes by making goals to assist in social transformation. As explained by feminist theory inequality is based on gender or race has been enumerated in a similar was as it is brought to the fore by institutionalized power structures which maintain these inequalities.

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The conflict theory explains the forces that support inequality as well as the way this system can be changed. Feminist Theory Feminist theory is one of the best sociology theories that shifts its assumptions, focus and analytical lens in explaining an event in life. It reveals an event using a female perspective while entirely shifting the focus from the male viewpoint. The feminists in socialism views agree with those of Karl Marx that the working class is generally exploited due to capitalism, nevertheless, they seek to extend it to gender differences (Sturgeon, 2016). The theorists that posit intersectionality seeks to explain inequality and oppression using many variables that touch gender, class, age, ethnicity, and race. They indicate that not every female in their life experiences oppression in the same manner (Giroux, 2018).

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