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Many tourists' destinations, however, were developed as an alternative to economic developments in areas that were environmentally restricted (Graças, and Schussel). In this paper, we are going to discuss and review in details, the Eiffel tower that is a key tourist destination in Paris, France. As I was growing up, Eiffel tower has been famous all through. Personally, I have never had a chance to visit the world's famous destination but I had an opportunity to read about it in books. I was able to hear stories though from my friends who visited the site personally. The information about Eiffel tower was not hard to find since its website is readily available and easy to navigate. The most important thing to learn about the Eiffel tower is its history which is indeed very rich.

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Ideally, learning about any events background information prior to real visit was found to be refreshing and alerting the mind. I decided to navigate the website so as to enrich myself with information that will be crucial when visiting Eiffel towers. Another useful learning aspect of the tower was about the location and culture around it. The pictures are very attractive and are professionally done. What stood most however among the pictures is the illumination that looks absolutely beautiful. The website and some of the pictures are partly in black and white representing the past, while some are taken recently giving a proper vision of the modern Eiffel tower. The pictures are absolutely breathtaking which makes the tower an iconic monument.

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One undoing of the information in this website is that it lacks depth in telling the history. About the Eiffel hotel, she described it as astonishing with a variety of food that is based on various cultures all over the world. Personal interview with my parents I managed to talk to my parents so that hear what they know about Eiffel towers. My dad apparently knew much about the structure arising from his history class. He appreciated the fact that I wanted to visit the destination since it was so rich in history. Being a structural engineer, he appreciates the ingenuity in conception and construction of the tower. They portrayed an indestructible engineering marvel that seems to rise above the rest and gives a face to the city and identity of the country.

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I had more than enough to write about in my notebooks because the information was more than enough. • The city was a sight to behold especially in the night with majestic lighting, a beautiful outlay of the whole scene with the tower rising into the darkness. The square was lined up with people taking photographs and admiring the breathtaking scenes. The surrounding brings out the beauty of the structure as the Eiffel towers rise over the rest of all the structures in its surrounding. This will pose a challenge with controlling the traffic of people and ensuring the safety of the tourist as they enjoy their adventure and explore the city and its surroundings. Paris is a safe city but you never know how different personality will impact the already kind culture of the residents.

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