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S. LOCATION AUDIT / ASSESSMENT The following map shows the exact position to which the Hawaii volcanoes national park is found Human History • 600-1100 A. D. - humans arrive through at least two migrations of Polynesians from the South Pacific from 600-1100 A. D. Weaknesses The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park are facing even bigger problems with regards to safety issues of the tourists visiting the park. The lava from the volcanoes releases toxic gases such as car-bon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and hydrofluoric acid. The lava interacts with sea water resulting in creation of several other toxic gases, (World Water & Environmental Resources Congress et al. The lava laze looks like a white steam cloud and can be very deceptive as in reality it is acid and changes its course quickly with the wind.

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Lava laze is one of the factors among other not so serious ones contributing to tourist injuries Opportunities- the site is managed mainly by the government and hence provides massive employment to the numerous jobless citizens. Tourist companies- these companies will mainly get a lot out of the site due to the massive sales which will also influence them and their operations. USA citizens as a whole– the entire US population will benefit from this in that many and many more people coming only means more taxes and hence improvement in social amenities. This will greatly affect the living standards of the American people and mainly those from Hawaii. The management- the management of the tourist attraction site will be the ones to make sure that the site goes on.

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Either success or failure of the site will be attributed to the management. The project also comes about to prove the worthiness of attraction site in the whole economy. MISSION STATEMENT The mission statement of the project is to come up with an enabling environment that favors’ the type of tourists that come to America and especially Hawaii, to protect the rich cultural nature of Hawaii national park, and to provide a site where every other thing such as learning can take place. The site should be able t STRATEGIES Product Development: The major product brought by Hawaii national park is the availability of volcanoes in the area. These are natural products that come up due to natural occurrences and many people, such as tourists want to come view these features.

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• Visitor Attractions and Activities: ◦ Cultural and heritage resources The major resources are the volcanoes which provide a nice view to the tourist and customers that come to the place to see how the happenings take place. There will be availability of mobile apps that will help guide tourists and visitors to the destination. To be able to come up with a smooth running of the site then the management will conduct trainings to newly employed staff to make them understand and master the requirements of the place according to visitors and customers. In this site there will be no volunteers who work at the site, (World Environmental and Water Resources Congress, Kabbes, American Society of Civil Engineers, & Environmental and Water Resources Institute (U.

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S. Promotion strategy The strategy that will be used to create awareness of the site which is a national park in Hawaii is the use of government services to do this. CONCLUSION The Visioning Plan actually has a lot of benefits and it shows how the Hawaii national park can be equipped to be an archeological site that helps raise revenue to the government. This project mainly deals with identifying a tourism site whereby I will be able to determine the worthiness of the site and also be able to come up with a clear vision and mission of the place. The project therefore involves an already existing Cultural Heritage Tourism site. REFERENCES World Environmental and Water Resources Congress, Babcock, R.

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