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The major types of collections therein include an aquarium, butterfly house, musical instruments, and other internationally relevant collections of anthropology (Horniman. ac. uk, n. d. The museum rests on a sixteen acre piece of land and no charges are levied on visitors. ac. uk, n. d. Additionally, Horniman’s management is working to introduce a new studio space where artists and scientists will guide the visitors on the importance of the different collections to the community. The museum is run by a team of professionalism with the Chief Executive Officer and three senior staff at the helm. Ever since its recognition as an MPM, the museum has recorded success in terms of the increase in number of visitations. Arts Council England, one of the major financiers of the museum will, in the coming years, sponsor major events and exhibitions at the museum.

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Therefore, the tagging of Horniman Museum as MPM has been beneficial in all facets. From another perspective, the museum can be considered as a non-departmental public body of the Department of Culture, Media, and Sport (Horniman. ac. The butterfly house and aquarium showcases how the museum is determined in enlightening the community on the importance of appreciation of the environment. The museum has a role of working towards a diverse workforce. In today’s world, all organizations are required to ensure inclusivity in their recruitments, selection, placements, and dismissal (Lucas, 2014). Horniman Museum and Gardens is committed to actualizing it; the current team of employees has an excellent mix of race, education, and ethnicity. The museum has a role of ensuring visitors enjoy their visitation through continuous research, interpretation and care of collections.

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• To safeguard and develop a myriad of diverse collections and avail them to the public now and in the future (Horniman. ac. uk, n. d. • To continuously develop collections, train a team of personnel, and improve the management of such resources so that the same attractions can be of benefit to the future generation in a better way than it is today (The Horniman Museum and Gardens, n. Additionally, as Hospit (2017) noted, visitors were fascinated by the excellent customer service experience. Horniman Museum’s management has a separate customer service department that ensures reception and orientation of visitors is done in line with the organization’s expected ethical principles. The museum is open all seasons, though it records the highest number of visitors during spring when weather conditions are moderate in all aspects.

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It closes on 24th-26th December (Modest, 2013). There are no charges for entry into the museum. As was noted earlier, the smooth running of operations of the museum depends on grants by the Department of Culture, Media, and Sport. When the economy is dwindling, financial aid from the department sinks to its bottom. This affects delivery of services to visitors negatively. The museum opens daily from 10:30am to 5:30 pm. Many visitors found it challenging to budget their time, especially if they have to visit the main museum, the aquarium, and the butterfly house. On the contrary, environmental pollution has been a major concern within and outside the museum. Many visitors do not adhere to the policies governing the museum of correct waste disposal.

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Many throw bags and food items improperly, and because of the overwhelming capacity during peak seasons and hours, the management finds it difficult collecting garbage once visitors leave (Ryhl-Svendsen, 2006). Moreover, the financial implication of increased pollution strains the limited resources allocated to the museum even more. Cases of criminal activities have been increasing as the number of visitors increase (Modest, 2013). The museum’s management should consider introducing a charge for entry into the museum. Currently, the museum suffers from financial constraints since there is only one major financier; the Department of Culture, Media, and Sport. The charge will be a solution to two main problems; lengthy queues and waiting during peak seasons, and limited financial resources. Additionally, there should be a progressive increment of the charge in line with the increase in the number of visitors.

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The charge should be at balance with the change in number of visitors. All visitors should leave plastic bags at the main gate, and bins for collecting dirt should be placed at strategic positions that visitors can easily access. Increase in crime is an issue best handled by the police. However, the museum’s management can enhance security of its visitors by placing security guards at the entrance to frisk visitors for any weapons before gaining access to the museum. The management can also construct apartments to accommodate visitors within the museum’s 16-acre land. However, construction of a new apartment, putting in place a waste disposal management system, employment of new customer care service providers, and extension of the opening and closing times will demand heavy financial resources.

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