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Ovulation is a process that takes place in the female human body in a cycle of one month where the ovary releases an ovum that moves along the fallopian tube towards the uterus immediately after fertilization, changes start to occur in the body of the expectant mother. Such changes are being caused by hormones that are produced following the fertilization to prepare the mother's body to start accommodating the new creature in her body. Such hormones help to build the placenta with a layer of blood where the already fertilized ovum with be implanted. CONCEPTION AND IMPLANTATION The ovary after releasing the ovum along the fallopian tubes and the sperm cell meet, the process of fertilization takes place to produce a zygote.

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A released ovum from the ovary can only be fertilized within 12-24 hours after which fertilization cannot take place. THE GERMINAL STAGE The zygote is the immediate product of fertilization. This immediate mix forms a combination of cells that begin to multiply and develop in form of specialization. Both the sperm and the ovum initially contain chromosomes that fuse in the fertilization process to form one compound of cells. During the germinal stage, the mother experiences changes that include enlarged tender breasts with nipples sticking out. The stage is characterized by certain feelings such as mood swings, headache, morning nausea, and headache. However, some women may not experience any discomfort during this period. From the first week until the twelfth week, it is difficult to physically point out the differences that occur in the woman's body.

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THE EMBRYO STAGE This stage is also known as the second trimester is the longest of all three stages with fifteen weeks (week 13-week 28) and the most critical stage of pregnancy. During this stage, the zygote has changed to an embryo that is characterized by more developed features and that of the expectant mother. First, the layer of blood in the uterus of the woman forms a link channel between the mother and the embryo. Therefore, the mother should be very careful during this period to ensure that the embryo development is not interfered with. Some of the infections during this stage and complications include Neural tube defects and Amelia. Deafness can also occur during this stage due to malformed ears.

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During the heart formation, a complexity may occur referred to as the ventricular septal defect. Generally, the embryonic stage of development is the stage where most of the body organs and organ systems are formed. The fetus fully takes the shape of a human with all body parts fully grown. Some of the body changes that occur to the mother during this stage include shortness of breath, ankles and face swell. The tender breasts start to leak a watery pre-milk referred to as colostrum. The mother may experience trouble in sleeping with the large belly and buttocks may stick out. In the last days of this stage, the baby drops lower in the abdomen and may lead to contractions felt as significant pains in the abdomen.

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Some mothers may experience more extreme pains while others only a little pain. To help reduce the labor pains the doctors may use specialized anesthetics. Natural ways of reducing labor pains are based on physical practice. An expectant mother is advised to keep doing some physical activities to keep her muscles active but such activities should not be strenuous as they can affect the health of the mother or injure the baby before it’s born. In a normal birth, the baby is supposed to be facing downwards with the head coming out first. "Consequences of confirmed maternal rubella at successive stages of pregnancy. " The Lancet 320. Miller, Elizabeth, JohnE Cradock-Watson, and ThomasM Pollock. "Consequences of confirmed maternal rubella at successive stages of pregnancy.

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